Thursday, 22 October 2009

Look! She posts!

I just read something Nellie wrote about a horrible spam bot... o.O Reminds me of the time Angel decided to mess with the bots at this 'Chinese weight-loss tea' site. xD
Bots are fun to mess with.

Angel was supposed to come over today after school.... Sie ist nicht hier! But she'll be over at eight, so it's all good. :]
No school tomorrow! Whoop-whoop! Because of parent-teacher conferences. Apparently, my friend in Florida (Kate) doesn't have school tomorrow, either, so I guess it's not just our district. Do you have school tomorrow (Friday)? (Don't answer if you don't attend middle or high school, please. X| )
Then on Saturday I will be going to see my uncle's newborn twins! Girls. Poor guy (he has three girls now, and no boys!). But I don't even know their names yet. ;__; Nobody will tell me anything!

Okay, so, um, today someone called my brother cool..... Now I am seriously starting to have some doubts about humanity.
[[On the bus, this morning:]]

My brother: *says something stupid*
Boy (I can never remember his name): Shut up, Conner!
Olivia: Yeah, Conner, shut up!
My brother: Courtney will still talk to me! Right, Courtney?
Me: Shut up, Conner!
*everybody laughs*
Damien: It's okay, Conner, I still think you're cool.
Me: O.o"""

Then he went on to say that he sees Conner as a miniature him... But a lot more creepy. That ignited a conversation about cutting off a certain manly body part, at which point I quickly put CB in my ears and turned up the volume.

I hate to close this post with THAT kind of note, but... Yeah. XDD


PS. Is it easier to read this blog with this darker grey font? I was reading through some posts with the light grey, and it kind of hurts my eyes! Dark or light? Feedback, please!


Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Connor is more like the 5th grade verson of Damien =P

Muse of Randomness said...

I don't have school THIS Friday, day before Halloween. Wootles!!

Why were they talking about the last, anyway? O_o.

I like the dark grey. :3

Ghostie said...

I think Damien was making a point at my brother's creepyness. However, this point turned into an entire (slightly disturbing) conversation. O.o"