Monday, 19 October 2009

Google Meme

I'm bored, don't feel like doing an actual post, so I'm stealing this from Andrea, kk?

Google the first five questions using your name or nickname. Post the more interesting/disturbing/funny/weird ones if you're planning to steal the game. For the last five, use Google Images (one picture only please). Safe Search is a good idea, although considering the nature of the questions, I don't think it'll be necessary. Stolen from Andrea.

[[So many results for Courtney Love! Gah.]]
1. NAME needs...
Courtney needs a mistress to show off. [[O.o"]]

2. NAME wants...
courtney wants chapstick

3.NAME loves...
Courtney Loves Smashing Up Hotel Rooms [[oh yes! XD]]

4.NAME hates...
Courtney hates girls! [[There are no good results for my name u_u]]

5.NAME enjoys...
Courtney enjoys Pooh Bear. [[That I do.]]

Picture Time:

1.Your Favorite Color
Blue Butterfly Pictures, Images and Photos

2.Your Favorite Animal

3. Your Favourite Food

4.Your Favorite Thing To Drink
Bubble Tea <33

5.Your Favorite Celebrity
Can authors count as celebrities?
Scott Westerfeld

I want his newest book (Leviathan) so badly, but I'm holding out for my birthday. *rips out heart*



Muse of Randomness said...

*raises hand* Muse could be a mistress.

POOH BEAR!! *fangirl squee* I on a Pooh Bear pillow. I made a big deal over him when Mom threatened to throw him away over the summer. Which luckily, never happened. And never will.

What IS Bubble Tea? O_o And I just realized... I have... Two fours... xD

Ghostie said...

Ooh, yay!

Oh, good, your mom never threw out your pillow. I hate it when mothers to that sort of thing! Angel has these old shoes with holes in the toes, and her mom keeps trying to throw them out, but she won't let her! XD

Bubble tea is so good... There are a lot of different flavours, but... Actually, this article would be of more help. ;)
My favourite is taro milk tea with mango stars! (Probably because that's the first flavour I ever tried... Though I do still need to try it with regular jellies.)
I noticed the two fours. xD

Muse of Randomness said...

Me too. I hate to lose things, or give them up. I'm not sure why.

Hmmm... Thank you, I'll have to try it sometime.