Wednesday, 7 October 2009


WARNING! The courtney is very dangerous and can often be contagious, destroying life after life.
That's right, I destroy lives. WORLDS!

I was going to post yesterday, but I didn't want to be online all day.

So! Good news.
> Polka is back online!
> I'm going to a Superchick/BarlowGirl concert tomorrow with Angel!
> I witnessed the best staring contest ever at lunch today.

The first one is self-explanatory.

Here's a visual aid for the second one:

And the third one comes with a story:
In the sixth grade my mother bought me a toy cat. It was a 'Twisted Whiskers' plush, you know those greeting cards with distorted cats and dogs? My kitty (Marshmellow) has a looong neck and huge eyes. XD If you wrap your fist around her neck, it looks like you're strangling her!
My strangling cat.
Chelsie snuck into my locker when I wasn't there and took my strangling cat, then returned it to me during lunch.
Fetus, who claims that he does not have to blink (and after today, I think I believe him), took my strangling kitty at one point during lunch and held her out in front of him, so they were eye-level.
Let the staring contest begin.
"You watch him, and I'll watch the cat," Holleigh told me. (We tried to hide our giggles behind our hands.)
"You are a worthy opponent," Fetus said after about a minute and a half into the contest, nodding to the cat with eyes wide open.
"Dang it!" I cried as I realized that this morning I had considered bringing my camera to school to take pictures during lunch, but after careful consideration concluded that nothing interesting would happen today. Why must this always happen?! I relayed these thoughts to Holleigh.
"Ah--No! Dangit, my camera is in my backpack!" Her backpack was obviously nowhere near us, probably sitting in her locker.
"Does anybody have a camera phone? Anyone? No?"
"Hey, Fetus has a phone! Where is it?"
"His pocket. I am not searching for it."
I thought for a moment. "His coat pocket, or his pants pocket?"
"Nobody is touching my phone!" He still wasn't blinking!
And then. Then, Fetus removed his unblinking gaze slowly and steadily from the cat to me. It was a bit creepy, I must say. He stared at me for a moment, and Holleigh. Then his gaze returned.
(A moment passed.)
"Hey!" Cried Holleigh. "Hey! You looked away! You lose! The cat wins!"
Fetus sighed, let out a small mutter of annoyance, then nodded at the cat and said something to the effect of, "That was a good match."
A moment later when Chelsie asked who won and we happily told her it was the cat, he jumped to defend himself: "Barely. I almost won!"

...You don't see staring matches like that too often.

Like Kurasawa I make mad films
'Kay I don't make films
But if I did they'd have a samurai


Kippeun said...

Courtney is the destroyer of destroyers!

So the cat's name was Marshmallow?
I had a friend whose nickname was Marshmallow. I think it was because she was so white.

Ghostie said...

I have no idea why it's named that. I think a classmate in the sixth grade named her?
My friend nicknamed me Vanilla once, V for short. Because I'm white. XD

Muffin Panda Plushie said...

I got a new item for the army surplus, fuzzy handcuffs!

That last quote is from One Week, I love that song ,and I can sing the entire thing.