Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Tale of Warm Ice

Thursday was 'Disney and Pixar Day.' Originally 'Disney Day,' I but I renamed it 'Disney and Pixar' because our class's theme was Toy Story, and that was produced by Disney and PIXAR.
I dressed up as nothing.
Damian dressed up as "a young version of real Walt Disney." Aka, his regular clothes. Mrs. C wouldn't accept that.
Fetus's class was Aladdin. He brought a blue desk lamp. When I passed by him in the lunch room, he said, "Here, rub my lamp." "Uh, no, I'm good..." M kinda glad I said no. Apparently, when people did rub his lamp, he would say, "Ooh, yeah. Keep rubbing and I'll give you all the wishes you want!"

I broke my mother's favourite coffee mug. I don't know why she liked that mug so. It's just the mug the church gave us when we first visited it. Yellow with a fading burgundy logo. But aaanyway, I was putting the dishes away, trying to hang the wet slippery mug up on a hook above my head... And you can guess what happened.
So I taped it.
Yep. Ramona Quimby was right, Scotch tape fixes everything!

Angel coloured Andrea's (the Andrea that just transferred from P-Town. I know, I have three friends named Andrea) arm green with paint in fifth hour! You... You had to be there. Angel borrowed Kaity's paint marker, and Andrea gave her free reign over her arm.... That is never a good idea! Angel coloured her entire lower arm green. In the middle of class. XD


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