Wednesday, 14 October 2009

With HYPHENS. .__.

So the reason I don't post so often as of late is not because I don't have any blogging fodder (I have a lot of it), I just haven't been in teh MOOD!
I've been spending less and less time online, and when I am online, I'm usually watching either Code Geass or Lucky Star. (What contrast! XD)

So some new things going on:
  • I'm going to be a linebacker, according to Rob. Oh, yes. I will do it, and I will be the best 5'6" under-140-pound linebacker ever.
  • Fetus came to lunch with a paper grocery sack half-filled with popcorn today. I just felt the need to report on that. >.> (It was good popcorn, though!)
  • Tonight's the mission's banquet at church. ^_^I shall be serving food. I'm excited for that, and I was told that we'll get to eat the food, too (Jamaican food!).... And I want to see Zach and Cody's (heh.... Zach and Cody) dance. O.o I feel bad because last Montag (Monday) I was at the church helping to set up, and apparently they were in one of the classrooms practising, and I didn't spy on them! :'(
  • Apparently Plushie has found a new stalkee: Emily. Poor Emily... (Which brings me to my next point, Plush! If you found a new stalkee, you are not allowed to stalk me anymore! I don't care if you see a bright green hoodie with eyes and ears on the hood in the computer lab, you're not allowed to look!) (And.... Please give me the title of a Shoujo-Ai manga. I need to see what this stuff is all about. ...But at least it's not Shounen-Ai, I do feel grateful for that.)
  • I feel proud of myself because ever since the first day in Economics class, I have slowly been scootching my desk closer and closer to the wall, so I could see the map taped to it. Finally, after all that hard work, my desk touching the heater (where I put my books!), and I can easily read the map! W00T!
One last thing:
This picture makes me laugh every single time!


Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Fine! I wont stalk Emily! Jeese, I didnt know you were so possesive over your stalker!

And as soon as I find a shoujo-ai manga I will let you know, but you confused me, your glad its not shoujo-ai? or did you mean shounin-ai?? Also, congrats on the map! Have fun looking at it, cause I did XD

Ghostie said...

No, my point was that you already disowned me, so why are you still stalking me?! :O

Oh, um... *cough* Yeah. I could have sworn I typed 'Shounen-ai." -.-
I thought you started reading or watching Shoujo-Ai?
Did you look at the big map or the small map? I have teh small map, but I actually prefer this one. :D

Muffin Panda Plushie said...

No, I didnt disown you, you replaced me!

And I saw a vid with some shoujo-ai, and I thought it was cute, I want to fidn the manga that the vid came from.
I had the big map, I prefered that one, cause I could catch the small details better, I was right next to it, but it was still hard to read some of the words.

Ghostie said...

Your exact words were, "I'm going to stop stalking you. It's easier to just be your friend."

The small map shows the population in every area and crops.

Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Oh.....well ok, fine then. We are friends then, I totally forgot I said that, but it still stands!

Kippeun said...

Ohhhh, what episode of Lucky Star are you on? I finished it about two months ago. Maybe three.

Ghostie said...

Episode... 3. ._.

Muse of Randomness said...

Linebacker? Have fun with that. Mom and I just finished a conversation about football, since I might be trying out for basketball. She thinks I'd onhly be good as a quarterback, being too tiny for anything else. And she's probably right.

Motivational poster is win. xD