Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Let's not go to Camelot... 'Tis a silly place.

Today my older brother walked into my room wearing an apron and said." I don't know why these went out of style in the female community, they are very sliming." And then went to admire himself in the bathroom mirror. MLIA

It's a snow day... Guess Kadwell (who was 100% certain that we would not have a snow day this week) was wrong! Can't wait to see his reaction when we go back to school. :DD

My mother peeked into my room really early this morning and told me we didn't have school. After I got up to turn off my alarm, I couldn't fall back asleep! My mind was occupied with Ouran and what I would do with this vacation. (I think I'm gonna bake!!!)
Omg, Looney Toons on Cartoon Network! :DD ("Yes, I'm really the last of the Dodos!")

Here's the snowman I just made:

As you can see, the eyes are lemons. And...
It's a nekomimi snowman! XD
...Come on, you had to have expected that from me!

g h o s t i e

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Muse of Randomness said...


We've only had a two hour delay so far... We've got one tomorrow, too, if school isn't cancelled altogether between now and 8:45 AM.

Without scrolling down, my first thought on your nekomimi snowman was that it was a white Pikachu.

Ghostie said...

That is everyone's reaction of my snowman. My dad came home from work on Wednesday, and the firs words out of his mouth were, "That's a really bad snowman." XD

We have another snow day today! I honestly don't know why they closes school on Wednesday (they were kinda trigger-happy, I guess :D), but because they closed it on Wed, they refused to close on Thursday... Tke roads were even worse that day, and today they're horrible!

Hehehe... Pikachu.