Monday, 7 December 2009

'Tis the Season

This is now my official "Christmas layout."
I used it last year, and dangnabit, I am using it again!

I finally started on my Christmas list (my mum has been bugging me about it). Pretty much, it has accessories for the Holga camera I'm buying (colour filters), and a looot of anime stuff. :D
I think my chances of getting manga or anime on DVD are greater if it is almost the only thing I put on the list. XP

I hope Angel can come over this weekend~.
I have been spending a lot of time with her recently! :O With BPA and her being my only friend in my lunch ('Cept Plushie! But he wasn't at lunch today!), aaaand the amazing Skillet concert, I've been seeing her more than ever!

Well, I'm really getting into an anime mood, so I'm going to go watch Loveless. ^___^

g h o s t i e

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