Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Oogie is not a word...

...But Boogie is.
(The world according to Firefox.)

Yeah, sorry for no real posts.
Christmas has come and gone! (And I need a new header soon.)

Today I had a date with my friend's girlfriend! (XD Sorry, I just wanted to say that.) It's okay, Zach. No matter how tight Shawn and I get-- I need to stop watching Horton Hears a Who. I'll shut up now.
So yeah, Shawn and I went out to get bubble tea, and then we went to the mall. We got along well, we have a lot in common... There was one thing that we should not have had in common, though... The "I don't know, what do you want to do? You decide!" thing. XD So we ended up just walking around the mall and spending about an hour in the bookstore. (Which I did not mind! I love bookstores.)

So I'm going on my first date soon! :O
It's a blind group date my friend set up. O.o But what I'm really surprised about is that my mom said yes!
Me: So, Angel's mom is letting her go on group dates.
Mom: Yeah, sure, you can do that.
Me: Really?! Okay, so Andrea knows these guys...
Mom: Whoa, whoa! I didn't expect you to call me out on that one!

So that's pretty much all that happened in the past week.

g h o s t i e


Muse of Randomness said...

Firefox isn't even a word, but Firefox says it is. =____= Prejudice at its best.

I have that problem with everybody, because I try not to seem forceful.

Good luck with your blind date! Be sure to tell me how it goes. I doubt I'm allowed to go on dates, but I'm not too interested in the concept right now anyway.

Ghostie said...

Thanks! I'm not super-super excited about it, but I think it will be fun. I'm not interested in going on a one-on-one date, though. I just think hanging out with my friends and some (possibly) cute guys will amount to an enjoyable time. :DD