Sunday, 3 January 2010

My Lovelylovely New Year's Eve

I figured I'd better write about this now or I never will. :D
This New Year's Eve was a great one!

Angel comes over.
I discover that the mall already closed.
We sit around for 15 minutes eating pizza and trying to figure out what to do.
My dad suggests we see Sherlock Holmes.
My mom protests that the family was going to see that the next day.
My dad makes it clear that he does not want to see that movie.
Me, Angel, and my brother go see Sherlock Holmes.
Angel and I love it! (Well, I did! L-O-V-E'd it. Much better than Avatar! For so many reasons. ;_;)
We sit around and wait for my mother to pick us up. (I play 358/2, Angel texts, and my brother pretends not to know us.)
Angel and I desperately want to do a Chinese fire drill on our way home, but the moment we make this resolution, we don't hit any more red lights!
My mother has to stop at the store. (One very similar to the well-known Wal-Mart.)
Angel and I run all the way the way through the store, to the back, grab cookie dough, then run all the way to the cash registers. (We got some weird looks from some college-age girls!)
We run to the car, put the dough on the hood, then Angel jumps into a shopping cart and I race her down the parking lot!
We videotaped both turns. (Videos on MySpace soon.)
We sit in the car, hardly able to breath, trying to warm up, and wait for my mother.
We missed the ball drop on TV cuz Angel was watching Night at the Museum. XD
We watched I Love Lucy in my bedroom, ate po-tat-o chips, and texted people with Angel's phone.

Sorry for the wall of text! ;_;

What did you do on New Year's Eve?


Zach said...

My new years was incredibly LAME... but how DARE you?!



Sherlock Holmes was very good, and I especially liked how he went through his fighting strategies but it was drawn out, somewhat boring in parts and contained non-necessities....

AVATAR was UH-MAZING!! *yes i spelt it that way for the cheesy emphasis*.

that's my opinion anyways...

I have the decemberunderground album of AFI's if you'd like a copy of it :]

Ghostie said...

No, no, Avatar was amazing. I loved it. The effects were great, it was beautiful, but... The storyline was clich├ęd a bit. ^^;

Sherlock Holmes, however, was original, funny, dark, suspenseful... I didn't think any of it was drawn out, and it didn't bore me in the slightest! (Which is surprising.) I love Robert Downey Jr.'s Holmes. (He reminded me of House. XD) What parts did you think were unnecessary?

You'd burn the CD for me? That would be great, if you don't mind! I'd really like that! ^___^