Friday, 22 January 2010

My Favourite Things

"Snow on my nose and eyelashes..."
That makes me wish I still had the link to that video, Nellie. Haha... X)
Anyway. I don't know how many of my readers read Kristin Cashore's blog as well. Very few I would expect. (She's a wonderful YA author and a wonderful blogger as well. Author of Fire and Graceling. Check out her blog!) But every so often, she has a post of her "favourite objects". Soo... I decided to do this as well. ;)

Last weekend was Angel's birthday party, and we went shopping.

KL&*&SD I love this. SO glad Angel made me buy it. Teehee... The first day I brought it to school, Angel made me put her lunch in it, as well. Because of its awesomeness.

Isn't is so cool?! Three bucks. THREE. BUCKS. I love wolves. I felt so lucky to find this! (Thank you, Angel, for dragging me into that store. ^_^ (heart))

Today was a day full of coincidence. Second hour we had a substitute teacher (I had a sub for 4/5 of my classes), and he had me take the attendance down to the office. As I passed by the library, I noticed a dime on the floor. It was face-up, so I took it, rubbing it all the way (wishing for good luck). Then at lunch time I found the dime in my pocket and told Plushie about it. Then HE told me about a dime HE found. Passing by the library. "I left it there for somebody else to find," he said. ME: "Seriously? That's THIS dime!!!"
What are the odds?

During Government Emily and I had a reaaally weird conversation. XD It started out with "I'd date Mori." (Emily. About Ouran Host Club.) and ended with, "Wow, I can see it now! Sipping tea... 'The weather's nice.' '...Mmhmm.'" (Also Emily. Talking about me. And Mori. XD I could never date a quiet person.)
......And then I noticed two girls sitting on the floor two aisles over, eating take-out Chinese. That really threw me off.

(There were more coincidences in this day, but I think the last one was sitting by my best friend's older brother's best friend on my bus. Who doesn't even normally ride my bus. Whom I have never actually seen on my bus, ever.)

g h o s t i e


Muse of Randomness said...

Well... That's odd. xD

I would not date Mori. I'd go insane. I need talkatiiiiive people. If I had to date any Ouran character, it'd probably end up being Tamaki... Dramatic clueless guys amuse me.

Nellie said...

It took me a while to understand what you were talking about there. (in the beginning)
The link to the flash is:

I think I shall start blogging again. I always say that. pssht

Ghostie said...

I couldn't date Mori, either. If *I* had to date an Ouran character, it'd be Kaoru. Devilish with his brother, but a lot calmer by himself. XD Tamaki would drive me insane (as funny as he is!).

Oh, thanks for the link, Nellie! ^_^
You SHOULD start blogging. D:<

Muse of Randomness said...

Kaoru or Hikaru'd drive me insane. But any guy like that is 50/50. Never met too many of 'em. Kyoya'd confuse me. Mori = waaaaay too quiet. No Haruhi. Just no. Tamaki's sweet.. I could probably deal with him. xD Possibly Hunny.. I don't know how I'd cope with adorable shota boys. xD

Ghostie said...

Kaoru and Hikaru together would drive me insane, too. I don't know how Haruhi does it. xD But alone, Kaoru = yes. (Of course, alone would be exceedingly difficult. XD) I don't know if I've really met any guys like them (Fetus would probably be the closest, but he's not even close). I agree, Mori = me throwing stuff at him just to get him to talk (a teacher of mine actually did that on a date once. Seriously). Haruhi's cute, but I'm gonna have to say no on that one as well. XD Tamki = me unleashing the twins on him the after the first ten minutes. And Hunny would be really difficult. I have a hard time seeing him as an eighteen-year-old. (But! SPOILER: Involume11somebodyfallsinloveiwhthim)

Nellie said...

I should stop purposely reading spoilers.

Ghostie said...