Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Sun Shines Brighter... And "Life Goes On"

So I sit down to write a new post for my blog, and an hour later, I'm still downloading icons for my blog. XD But I get so excited about that! Which one to use, which one to use? I found a bunch of Kino no Tabi icons!
Speaking of Kino no Tabi, I've been going through another (not quite obsessive) Kino phase again. :D
Last Tuesday I bought the first disc of Kino no Tabi on Amazon for TWO DOLLARS. (Plus shipping.) Which is amazing for anime. Then I log into deviantART and what do I see in my inbox? One of the artists I watch (I love her art) drew herself in Kino garb. In the artist comments she said that she now owns a hat just like Kino's, and goggles.
I didn't even know she liked Kino, so I was surprised enough as it was! (But she gave me the link to the hat on Amazon, and I want. I'll have to save up, though. ;) It's a bit expensive.)

Yesterday was a very interesting day, and today was a very good day!
Let's see, a list... Uhmm... Ooh! Tooaya's doing a LiveStream! ...>.>;; Sorry.
Never mind. I don't feel like writing a list. XD But yesterday I was asked out and Plushie came to youth group with me and Zach acted like his weird ol' self ("I thought you were trying not to scare him!" "Did I say that? Did I say that?!" XD), and Plushie tried on my winter coat. Which I still can not get over! XDD I need to get a photograph of that...

Then today I woke up early, took a shower, submitted Violet's application to Academy of Heroes (6 minutes after admissions opened, but I don't think she was accepted v.v), read my Bible a little bit... I think that did it right there. I've never read my Bible in the morning before, but I think that's what made my day so great!

g h o s t i e

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Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Lol, you got asked out? Niiiice. I'm curious, but I won't ask.