Thursday, 7 January 2010

Verbicide: Death by Verbs.

Everyone's hoping for a snow day. I would, too, but I don't think it'd benefit me too much. I have a paper due tomorrow, but there's this great new website my Modern English teacher started using, and it is called You submit papers using the internet. D:

I think I want to go outside and take photographs with my Holga. I just... Don't have a subject or anything. :/ Too bad Angel's not here, I'd love to take pictures of her in the snowfall!

We're writing short stories in English, and I'm having quite some fun with it. ^_^ Emily gave me a good plot idea, I worked off that, reused some characters (Right now, just Fox and Cyan. I might throw in Erica sometime, though. :DD), made some new ones (one is based off a character of Emily's... She told me that I just had to name one of the minor characters the same thing as her character XD), and... Yeah. That's 'bout it. ^^ I should make character sheets for both Fox and Cyan... (Is anyone actually interested in my characters? ^^;)

This weekend is a BPA competition this weekend..... After I dyed my hair blue. =__= Never again. And by that, I mean never BPA again. (I will dye my hair blue any time I wish! And I will have as many ear piercings as I wish! D:< Gah, stupid rules!!!)
But this weekend Angel and I are going to try out her new interior design computer program. ^_^

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