Friday, 8 January 2010

Something I forgot to write about in my last post:
We watched The Bachelor in Modern English!
...And made fun of it the entire time!
"The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love." As Kadwell said, "Whoever came up with that name needs to be dragged NAKED across a field of glass, covered in honey, then left in a desert." SRSLY. D: When we first started watching it, he said: "This show is so staged! 'Every morning I cook eggs in my shorts, then drink my orange juice while fleexiiing...'" He demonstrated this orange-juice-flex when he said the word 'flex'.

Like I have said many times before: Kadwell is the coolest teacher! What other teacher shows the season premiere of The Bachelor in order to demonstrate the themes shown in Pride and Prejudice?!

Then on the bus today a senior-guy chatted with me. It was fun... I like chatting with guys! His friend told him about how I got this middle schooler's butt in my face, then they talked about my hair/how I should dye his hair blue, and how his mom is a corrections officer, so he can't do anything bad. XD

g h o s t i e

[Edit: Later. So I was suppose to post this yesterday, but Angel's mother got here and I had to race outside cuz I was going to her house, and... Yeah. Happy late post!]

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