Wednesday, 3 February 2010

LOL-Worthy Things I Heard Today:


(Talking about the Winterfest dance:) "Well, it's a 'Black and White' ball, I thought I had to invite a black girl!"

"Alex, I'm so glad that when I crossed the line, you just kept racing on past me."
-My Creative Writing teacher

^^; I'm obsessed with a new anime now.
Wooooo! It's been so long! (Heheheh.... ^^;;)
Nabari. I will not get into it now, because, man, I may never make it out (laugh), but I loooove it~. I must thank Erik a million times for loaning me the DVDs!!! ^___^
But anyway, bored, in Algebra (then Creative Writing... Then Government... Then the bus... Yeah.), I drew this:

Click for full view, please.

Yay, sketch-dump!

(Top-left:) "Whenever I watch Nabari, I am always interrupted during the best parts. (coughYoitexMiharucough)"
(Top-right:) "I did not draw Sensei. Instead, I drew his soul. After being forced on the train & bus. (laugh)" (Seriously, his fear of vehicles is a really great characteristic!)
(Near the middle, next to the demon-Miharu drawing:) "Miharu's a demon! :O" "The worst kind of ninja (laugh)"

That's all the important text. ;)
If you have not noticed/ have not seen or read Nabari.... These are all Nabari characters. :3
Haha, I've been considering posting some of my sketches here, like, once a week or something. The drawings I create in Government class or whatever, that I kind of like, but aren't good enough to put on deviantART. What do you guys think? (If no one replies, I'll just assume that you're not interested in my sketches/the art I submit to dA is good enough. Just saying that because if you ARE interested, say something!)

My favourite character is Yoite, by the way. He's so intriguing! (And, you know, with that sexy hat... Kidding! XD)

g h o s t i e

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