Wednesday, 10 March 2010

O, to Be Stabbed with a Pudding Fork!

I started German up again this week. Ach ja! Ich liebe Deutsch! ...Und Frühling. Ist sehr schön. Ja, ja. XDD
I now have lunch wiiith... Plushie, Emily, Linda, Melissa, and Holleigh. ^~^
And... I had a croquette for lunch.
I LOVE croquettes!!! I'm going to start experimenting with different flavours soon. How does pumpkin croquette sound? DELICIOUS.
Also thinking about looking into French meals.

Next week is an informational meeting about the German class's trip to Deutschland!!! I am so excited! Every day in German, I daydream about visiting Germany with my class. I can speak German all the time! Yuuush! And there's a possibility we'll stop in Prague (Czech Republic) for two days! I can hardly contain my excitement!!!
I need to put my German podcasts back on my iPod.

On the bus Damien told Darcy that he had a small Asian woman in his suitcase. So, naturally, she kicked it and shook it around pretty much most of the ride. At first he told her, "If you kill her, it's your suitcase. There's no way I'm going to jail for this." But by the time we were five miles down the road, he said, "You know what? I give up. She's dead. And you killed her."

Today I came to the conclusion that all of my guy-friends just like messing my hair up! I don't know what's up with that! It's weird!

We had to go in to school (my grade) at 9:00pm. I wish it was like that every day!!! I woke up without one problem! :O

g h o s t i e

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