Wednesday, 3 March 2010

It's So Dangerous You'll Have to Sign a Waiver

Today was another wooonderfuuul day!
Since exams are coming up, Angel, Chelsie, and I had a Government study session after school, at school. ...Well, this was pretty much our schedule: (I don't know the times)
  • Arrive in RTR* room (Chels's grandma's office) and drink hot cocoa.
  • Sit around and chat
  • Chelsie asked Angel a question about the Miranda rights, which naturally led to Angel holding my hands behind my back and yelling and reciting them to me (attempted murder on Chelsie. She stole Marshmallow and put him on the black market.).
  • Chelsie's grandmother left, and locked the doors on us (they can only open from the inside, where we were). We then had a discussion about how we would get out, if the doors didn't work (through the window, up the windows, and over the school).
  • Take out the study guide and pass it around, quizzing each other for about five to ten minutes.
  • Break out the snacks
  • Angel had to go to the bathroom, and we let her back in... Evetually. Chelsie, however.... Well, let's say that after 15 minutes of teasing her through the window, pretending to open the door, and Angel chasing her around the hallway... We eventually got back to studying.
  • Quiz each other for a little more (little = 3 questions, tops). Then have a discussion about dressing as Naruto characters for Halloween. (Chelsie's idea. I felt so proud of her! Totally ditching my 'Mad Surgeon' idea.) (For the curious, Chels wants to be Sakura, and I'm thinking Naruto. Maybe Hinata for Angel.)
I love springtime.

g h o s t i e <--- Look, my signature's all springy!

*RTR = pretty much our school's version of detention.


Nellie said...

I 'member your 'mad surgeon' idea! :D

Ghostie said...

Yeah! I will use that costume someday! If not only for scaring small children on cold winter evenings. X)