Saturday, 27 February 2010

Today was a wooooonderful day!
And I didn't even realize how happy I was until school was almost out! The sky was simply amazing this morning, and a huge moon was out (it was doing some freaky things! Did anyone else see it??? Besides Plush.). After school Angel told me this story about how she defied the laws of Science and created an atom with four bonds... I forgot what atom it was, but apparently it's impossible for it to do that with that specific atom. ._.
...I just spilled lemonade on my wooden computer desk. ORZ

Today I turned in my drawing for the book my lit circle in English is reading, Dear John. I drew John and Savannah standing back-to-back on the beach, holding hands, sunset in the background. It was cheesy, but the girls in my group liked it a lot! We took a trip down to the school library because Victoria proposed we make copies, 'cuz she and the other two girls in my group wanted a copy. I couldn't really express it to them, but that meant a lot to me. (It was also pretty embarrassing.) I'm trying to put it on dA, but it wasn't letting me earlier. (>.<)

Oh, House is on! Lay-tah! ^___^~


Nellie said...

Yeah, skies here have been very pretty too. You should take some photos! My camera broke. ;__;

Ghostie said...

I am taking photos now! I took one yesterday morning on my way inside the school, and then I took one this morning. =D It's becoming a ritual, I'm going to continue this until at least the end of the week, then post 'em here. ^__^