Saturday, 20 March 2010

Wrap Your Name in Lace and Leather.

Last week (Tuesday?) Plushie and I went on a walk. I was bored, looking at some amazing pictures on Flickr, and decided that I wanted to have a 'photo shoot'. So I took my camera and my dog and met P-chan in the park. It was so much fun. I took a bunch of pictures of him doing strange stuff on the cannons, and at the elementary school's playground, too (that's actually where I took my blog's header).
Then yesterday we went out, too, but my camera's battery was dead, so the only pictures I took were on my Holga. (sigh) But it was a lot of fun, too! We went to the big hill, crunched pinecones ("nature's bubble wrap"), then hung out at the playground again. =D Okay, maybe not so much "hanging out" as "playing." Which is even better!!! (Then we sat on my porch and talked for three hours. XD)

Tuesday (?) pictures:


Because I'm just a rebel that way.

It looks so cool... But it was really a "I'mma screw up your picture!!!" sort of thing.

*dials phone* *listens for a few minutes, then hangs up angrily* "Well, that's rude!" "What?" "A lady was talking to me, saying something about inserting thirty-five cents, then just hung up on me!!!"


This is one of the cannons, btw.

"I don't think I can fit under here... Hey, I did it!" Later: "Crap, I don't think I can get out."

He stayed in this position for, what, thirty seconds?

I, however, fell down just as soon as I got up.

I used to play on this thing when I was in Kindergarten. (sighs)

Just... Sitting there.

"Courtney, I can't get down!"

The actual playground part of the school. The new one.

We just kinda... Tied her there. Then ran off to play. >.>;

That wavy thing is so cool.

Not this wavy thing, though. I don't get this one.

I do not understand.

XDD He fell.



And, of course, that awesome picture Plushie took of me.

Heheheh. Stupid elementary students.
I need to remember to take some white paint out there. I want to change 'Crips' to 'Chips'.

g h o s t i e


Zach said...

LOL i thought it said Chips in the first place. Looks like a nice day, and jus tlike our elementary school's playground i use to play on ^^.

Muse of Randomness said...

I thought it said chips too!

These are some amaaaaaaaaazing pictures (along with captions. Ahahaha, 35 cents.)

Ghostie said...

XD Maybe I really DON'T need to change it!

Ahhh, thank you sooo much, Andrea! <3 (huggles Andrea)