Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Nobody's Perfect.

I've been going through a writing/art block, yes. And that includes blogging.
I've just been feeling like my blogging is pretty boring. Which it is, in my opinion. (Don't bother with "oh, no it's not!" because that's not why I'm saying this. I'm just stating my feelings.)
To make up for my lack of blogging, I will go through my past week with you... In pictures. >:D

Last Saturday I went on what was pretty much the best date ever. It was a friendly date, but that doesn't matter. (With the Fetus.)

We took a spontaneous stop to here, a trail that goes alongside the river.

It turned into an adventure.
(Not only this, but walking along the slope you see in the background, but only steeper, jumping across part of the river from a small ledge.... Ouch.)

We did so much that day... Stole some soda from his mum's (and said hello, of course!), saw Kick Ass (best movie ever), the mall, went back to his house and watched Sherlock Holmes... With more stuff in between!

Okay, then half the week went by without me taking pictures. XD Today Fetus and I went out for a photoshoot.... You'll find out what these photographs are for on a later date.

I took 42 photos. ^^; These two are my favourites.

Bwaha... And HERE is my favourite part of this post.
Monday night I sat down and was all like, "Ohh, I'm going to draw a unicorn, and it'll be a nice and pretty unicorn..." While I was sketching, Angel texted my computer, so I told her, "I'm drawing a unicorn!!!" And she replied with, "Give it wings! And, and! A fiery mane and tail!" After talking with her for twenty minutes, my pretty unicorn turned into this... An animal of mass destruction!!!
Please full view. That way you can get a full grasp of its destructiveness.
And yes, I meant that it shoots cannon balls from its hooves, not cannons! That wouldn't work!
...Wow, that was a long caption.


g h o s t i e

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