Sunday, 11 April 2010

What's Another Word for Desperate?

Best way to end Spring Break.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning, as always, despite it being a Sunday. Now, I know you're probably thinking I'm insane, but you'd be doing the exact same thing if you were in my position. ;)

[Wow, I suck. Started this on Sunday, finishing it on Tuesday. >.<]

I arrived at the hill before Shae, but after Plushie (he actually came!). We lay on the hill for a bit, and Shae joined us, but we became a bit bored. (There was a little sunrise! Yay!) So we traveled next door, to the logging company. There Shae and I became men. (Plushie, however, did not. He refused to walk in the puddle.) We also climbed around on top of the logs (I nearly killed myself! xD!) and giant piles of dirt. Then we noticed the parked train and we went over to inspect it.
...I feel like I should not write about this here. XD
Oh well. We climbed on top of the trains! I think P went up first, then Shae, then somehow they convinced me to do the same. I'm glad I did, it was beautiful up there. Such a view! After walking around on that car, I found myself hopping from car to car behind Shae and Plushie. O.o (It did take about ten minutes of "Come on, Courtney! I know you can do it!" But whoo caaares...)

And we saved a puppy!
We were headed back to go home when we heard this loud screeching, screaming sound. We thought a dog was being abused, seriously. Turns out this guy put a puppy he was pet-sitting on his porch (surrounded by fencing), and the dog was throwing a fit. It was raining, I can't believe he'd put someone else's dog out there! When he saw us he tried climbing through the bars of the porch rail. =.= He did actually get out, and P put him back (Shae had to distract the big dog so it wouldn't eat us xD). Then he tried to climb out again, but didn't get so lucky that time. He became stuck, and we had to go knock on the guy's door to let him know. (The dog did eventually wiggle his way out, though.)

Then after church (which I nearly missed) we met up again. When Plush and I were headed over on our bikes to meet Shae, I started screwing around and ended up wiping my bike out, and on the shoulder of the road. I thought I was completely fine until we got to his house (we went back for some money), where I realized I had blood streaming down my leg. Long story short, the road took out his big chunk of my knee when I fell. >.< It was reaaaally gross.... I couldn't even look at it straight when I first realized it was there. But hey, I don't have to describe it to you-- you can see for yourself! XDD

...Because I just like grossing people out with it.

When I came home I changed the bandage. Before I put a new one on, I made sure to go find my mom to show her.
Mom: "Ew, disgusting! Why would you SHOW me that?!" *slams door on my face*
She thinks I might need stitches, though. :/ I mean, it looks a whooole lot less bloody than in that picture, but it's still pretty deep, and the center still looks gorey. So she's gonna call the doctor today.

Hmm... I still have more to write about, so I'm gonna do what Shae does and make a new post! Sorry :DD

g h o s t i e

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