Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Schlog mich Baby noch ein mal!

Reading: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, vol 2
Eating: Reese's egg
Listening: Wise Guys and Barenaked Ladies

Yesterday was the first day off Spring Break. =.= Whooo-peee...!
But after school I hung out with Plushie, so it was all good. (Shae couldn't come! D:<)
We looked at his Neopets cards, went onto Neopets online, then a walk. We ran into Rachel with her boyfriend, Chris! I've heard a bit about Chris (and his brother), so it was cool to finally meet him!
As Rachel and Chris rode away from us, Rachel told us, "Stay out of trouble now!"
......And then we got into trouble for the first time EVER.
We went by this one house, and I saw a sign covered up with pine needles, and I wanted to know what it said! It looked like the sign was on the property of the building next to that house, and Plushie thought so too. I kicked off the needles with my feet then he helped me lift up the sign to inspect it, but it was all rubbed off. :( So we just put it back on the ground and left (but not before I took this cool log!). We were about halfway down the street when this guy came out of his house, smoking who knows what, and yelled at us: "HEY! You gonna clean my lawn back up?!" We were both like 'D: What do we do?!' So we told him that we didn't know that it was his lawn, and we were sorry, but he was still standing there, scowering at us angrily.
"We'll clean it up," I told him finally, pretty annoyed. He went back into his house and I kicked the needles back onto the sign. ("And I'm keeping his log!")
Then we walked around on the other side of the street, and even went BEHIND that street (walked along the tracks), just to avoid his house. XDD

Plushie kept looking over his shoulder, paranoid that he was just going to show up.
He'd be leaning against the library, smoking his whatever. He'd take a loooong drag, then say in a creepy voice... "You didn't pick up my lawn.... And now you're gonna die."
...At least in Plushie's imagination.


g h o s t i e


shae said...

omw~ where was this? that dude sounds like a total creeper! i think he was on something... creeeeeeeeepy!

Ghostie said...

Yeah, he freaked us out! P wouldn't stop looking over his shoulder, seriously! And every few minutes he would come up with a new scenario involving that guy killing us. XD