Monday, 24 May 2010

So haaawt.

That'sa right, folks... Summer came, and it came FAST. Just a few days ago it was very chilly, and now I'm sitting here, in my workout clothes (gym shorts and a cutoff T-shirt), gulping down water, SWEATING. Not so pleasant. But at the same time... It is. :3

For my advanced English class we are in literature circles (have I mentioned this?), which is pretty much where the class breaks off into small groups and chooses a novel (approved by the teacher) to read. Our English teacher seems to trust us very much, because she lets us just go where ever in the school to read, which is AWESOME. The past few days (er, today and last week) our group (consisting of me, Emily, Jerry, Meghan, and Rachel) has been going outside. It is SO nice. We don't even read like we're supposed to. XD We just hang out and chill, listen to music, talk.
Today we had a discussion about how our school is thinking about cutting band and theatre. I'm not going to get into it, but it's so ridiculous.

I don't know if there's anyone out there that doesn't know yet, but Fetus and I have been dating. :3 I say this because all day, I get people I rarely talk to come up to me to say congrats. XD It's so weird. After first hour Chels told me that a 'little birdy' (I suspect Erik) told her about this (and expression some annoyance that I hadn't told her. I was planning on it, I swear!).

Before third hour he came up to me and put his arm around my shoulders. Then Chelsie came plowing through us, shouting "NO PDA!" XDD Maan, I love Cheslie.

...I liked Erik's reaction the best. XD Before fifth hour Fetus put his arm around me again and we walked the short distance to his class. We parted, and when I got to the end of the hallway I found Erik standing there, with this huge grin.
"That was the cutest thing I have ever seen!" he said with this annoying look on his face.
"I'mma punch you, right in the face!" I held up my fist as I walked by him, just to show him how serious I was about this.
"No, really, you guys are so cute!!!" I rolled my eyes at him and kept walking.
"Are you going to prom next year? You have to!" I just kept walking. Behind me he shouted, "I'll drive you!!!"
I pretended to be annoyed, but in truth, I was laughing really hard. Erik was just saying that stuff to bug me, I'm sure. When I walked into Algebra right as the bell rang with a huge grin on my face (because Erik amuses me), Andrea gave me this knowing look. Like I'd been doing something bad or something. XD

g h o s t i e

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