Monday, 7 June 2010

Today I went to the orthodontist.
Good news and bad news! They told me that I'll get my braces off in two appointments.
I was like, "Yays!"
Then they were all, "Oh, but your next appointment isn't until August! Ahahahaha have a great summer!"
And I was all, "Screeeew youuu" (In my head. That was actually my chant when they told me that I wouldn't be getting them off at my next appointment.)

Yesterday, I saw... Phantom!
Phantom of the Opera. It was SO GOOD.
Best musical I have ever seen. And live!
My favourite scene was when... The first time he met her. I'm not saying more than that.
If you get a chance to see it, SEE IT.
It was worth the price of tickets.

Before-hand my mother and I went to my favourite sushi/Japanese restaurant. I forgot the name of the sushi I had, but it was very good! My mom had some cucumber sushi and some sort of salmon.
Then after the play my mother and I stared out at the university campus (where Phantom was held) on the roof of the parking garage.
And we drove RIGHT by my favourite bubble tea place, so my mother was nice and let me get one. I got a taro milk tea with mango stars, and man, it was delicious. It took me right back to last summer, I think that's really what made it so wonderful. And then on the drive back the sky was gorgeous, the clouds, the cars on the highway... When I got home I showered then called this really amazing guy I know... Aka Ian, my boyfriend. <3
And we talked. And I went to bed incredibly happy.

I liked yesterday.

g h o s t i e


shae said...

aww, court~ sounds like you had the most incredible day!! you and ian are so cute together <3 i whole heartedly approve ;)im jealous of the bubble tea and the show, man! how perfect?

Hikari said...

So lucky!! Getting your braces off soon, seeing a play that everyone recommends, sushi, BUBBLE TEA!!! (and the sweet nostalgia that came with it), a boyfriend, and a mom that sits with her daughter on a parking garage watching the scenery. Sounds like you had a great day. :D