Friday, 11 June 2010

kiss me in the

There's a House marathon on today!!!
This is going to top my sure-to-be-awesome-day. :3

I turned the TV on to USA, and Taub was saying "Fat content indicated zero."
House: "What does fat do in water?" Kutner: "Float?" House: "And what else floats in water?"
Kutner and Taub: *silence*

House: "...The direct answer would have been '
a duck.'"

I think Plushie and Shae will get why this is so awesome. XD

I have been gone all week.
Monday I had to go to my g'ma's house, then I went to Angel's to spend the night, then to Chelsie's, where we worked on our costumes (more about that later), then finally my house. :D Last night was Chelsie's birthday party (awesome pirate theme!), but I didn't spend the night. ^^
Patient: "Aren't there any other ways to get pregnant? Like, sitting on a toilet seat?"
House: "Absolutely. There would have to be a guy between you and that toilet seat, but absolutely!"

So on Tuesday I went over to Chelsie's house, so we could work on our cosplay costumes. Yes, you read that right... I'm going to cosplay! I'm pumped, and so happy that Chelsie is just as excited as I am! A year ago I never would have guessed that she would be interested in cosplay. She's going as Sakura from Naruto, and I'm going as Hinata. I think I could be a convincing Hinata, as long as certain people are there to make me blush. XDD
The coat is heavy, though, it makes my head look kind of small. >.>;

It was storming earlier.
Not a big storm, but it was a storm.
After I discovered the House marathon, I curled up on the counter (there's a TV in the kitchen, the counter is my favourite place to watch television) and made some spearmint tea. Ian and Angel texted me, so I watched House, the storm, and talked to them on my phone while drinking tea. After I drank the spearmint, I made blueberry. It was almost perfect. <3

In about an hour I'm going to go hang out with Ian. Can't wait, it's been one week since I've last seen him.

I hope I can go out with Plushie and Shae soon to work on our chalk project some more!
Headed to the library now, folks. I have some overdue books. XD

g h o s t i e

PS. I'll put up the pictures of our chalk drawing soon.