Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Why, Hello There.

It's been some time, I guess. I realized this when I was threatened with my life to post. XD Sorry, very sorry.

Lesee, what's been going on...?
During the week, usually nothing. But on Friday I went to the mall with Angel, where we went into the photobooth, bought her new phone (she did), ate a pretzel (I did), and went to Barnes and Noble to be GEEKS.
Yes, folks, my best friend has recently revealed her geeky nature (which honestly surprised me). She talked about how much she wants a cape (agreed! agreed!), and we looked at paper role playing games at Barnes and Noble! :3 Originally we were thinking Dungeons and Dragons (we're complete noobs, the only RPGs I've played are the video kind), but after talking to Ian (who has been doing this for two years xD), we switched to a game with a much simpler system, Exalted. I borrowed his book, and now I have the great responsibility of reading through the entire freaking thing. Yeah, I'm the storyteller. Really pumped about this, but I hate the homework. XD

Anyway, after I went to the mall with Angel, I headed over to Ian's house (time lapse), and we watched Young Frankenstein. Very good movie! And before anyone asks (I'm defensive because my cousin doesn't believe me on this one), we did watch the movie! *laughs*

Like the picture at the bottom of this post? I found it online, but I started getting into this style of art, light graffiti. I took shots of car light trails and a little light graffiti last night (if you're friends with me on Facebook, they have their own photo album). Once I get some better shots (I got some good ones, but not the best. Don't have enough traffic by my house x.x), I'll post them here. My mom said she would take me to somewhere with more traffic this weekend! I am so excited about that!!!
My mom is picking up glow-sticks for me right now. :3 I'mma have fun tonight.

g h o s t i e

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