Monday, 30 August 2010

5 things you may or may not know about me.

Andrea tagged me on this some time ago, but I didn't get around to it. XD Actually, a LOT of people have tagged me on this. I don't remember how many I'm supposed to do, so I'm going with 5.

1. I love old things. Typewriters, film cameras, Polaroids, newspaper clippings from the mid-20th Century, landline phones.... The last thing actually makes me really sad, the fact that those are slowly becoming a thing of the past. :(( I want one when I move out. Same with a typewriter, I've wanted one of those for a long time. And Polaroid cameras? I've wanted one since I was 5. (But I did buy one on eBay yesterday!!! I hope it comes in soon!!!)

2. I'm the sort of person that doesn't like to/can't express her emotions. So instead of confronting people, or taking it out on others, I climb inside of myself and self-destruct.

3. I've been having problems with my room recently. >.<" I have to rearrange something every couple of weeks, even if it's just a lamp or a poster, but a few times a year I find that I reallyreally need to move a large piece of furniture around, like my dresser or bookshelf/TV stand.

4. I own 2 American Girl dolls, Molly and Felicity. (Yeah, I can't think of anything else to write! XD)

5. I like Math. I mean, I don't like it when I don't understand it (which is most of the time), but once I do, solving those problems are fun! It's... Soothing! ...I'm told that most people don't feel this way.

g h o s t i e


findingMuse. said...

I believe you were s'posed to do twenty. But it's all good.

Does a VCR count as something old? I absolutely love VCRs and their tapes... Partially because nearly every Disney move I own is own VCR. And there're a lot.

I am emotionally retarded, too. :<

I prefer English to math... Well no... I like algebra. Geometry is a hateful thing, though. Absolutely hateful.

Ghostie said...

I had a very difficult time even coming up with 5. XD

Definitely! I love VCRs, too! I salvaged our old one before my mom threw it out, and now I collect my favourite movies on VHS from garage sales. :-)

Glad to know I'm not the only one. :<

English and the arts are my favouritefavourite subjects! But I do quite enjoy Algebra, on those rare occasions that I can actually SOLVE the problems. I think I like Geometry best out of all the maths. It's easy for me to understand!

.:kara.grace:. said...

i have to say i admit that ocasionally... i like algebra as well. if you asked me on the street id swear up and down i hate it, but theres something about finishing a loooong problem and seeing that SOMEHOW you got the right answer~ SUCCESS! oooh we have a typewriter! or we did... i think my mum might have given it away when i wasn't around to guard it, it was/is an electronic one so not as satisfying as the old ones. and i have the same problem with my room... im constantly wanting to move things, but if i move one thing like a piece of furniture, then i have to move EVERYTHING.. and that take forever. but i usually find lotsa stuff under the things i moved ;)

Ghostie said...

Yes, exactly! :D

Aww, really? I remember typing a letter of complaint to your mean old cat-hating neighbour on that typewriter when we were young! *sniffs* So many memories...

Yeahh... Right now I'm in the process of moving my manymany posters around. XD I took my whiteboard down, put up some photographs, took down some posters, put the whiteboard up on a different wall, took down almost all of my posters.... XD It just never ends!