Saturday, 21 August 2010


I've been able to cross a few things off of my bucket list in the past week. ^.^

23. Photobooth with my boyfriend.
I did this Monday, with Ian. ^.^ We were hanging out at the mall, and so I mentioned the photobooth. It's now living with my other photobooth strips, on the molding by my window, right next to my bed. ^^ (We watched the playback video while we were waiting for the photo strip to print, it was so weird! I've never watched myself kiss anyone before. O.o)

42. Tie-dye something.
I did this on Thursday, yesterday, with Donald and Kara. I mean, I've tie-dyed a shirt before, but it was so long ago, so I threw this one onto the list, for the heck of it. ;) I tie-dyed a pair of socks and a towel. My socks went missing an hour ago, and this worries me... Donald and Kara can't find the socks they tie-dyed, either... >.>;;;

8. Ride on the handlebars of somebody very close to me.
Well, I originally had my boyfriend in mind when I wrote this one down, but it still works! Today I rode on Kara's handlebars, just to see if we could do it. I see her as one of my best friends, as well as someone close to me. ;) And it was FUN! A little scary, a little uncomfortable (I was sitting at a funny angle because I was really scared of leaning forward too much XDD), but fun! I want to do it again sometime, or have someone ride on my bike's handlebars. :DD It's just so cool!

Over and out!

g h o s t i e


findingMuse. said...

I would be highly uncomfortable riding on somebody's handlebars (I'd be very "I'M GUNNA DIEEEEEE.") but it sounds really neat.

I have tie-dyed socks and t-shirts. They're one of the few pairs of ankle socks I own..

Ghostie said...

Then Donald started running, and she wanted to pass him on the bike. While I was still on the handlebars!!! XDD I was scared.

Mostly knee socks? :D