Saturday, 16 October 2010


An update on my life. :)

My wisdom teeth were removed last Thursday :(
It was actually a really weird experience. It was early in the morning, and my dad took me. They made us watch this really old and boring 10-minute informational video on wisdom teeth and their removal. =.= Then they took us into another room where I had to swish with a disinfectant and sit down and they explained more things to us.

I remember the doctor putting on Oldies music and telling me to go to my happy place so the drugs work more quickly and I compared him to the dentist on Little Shop because he seemed like a guy that would start going crazy once alone with a patient and the two women loved my nails (cool decals) and one of the woman asked if I'd had an IV before and I said yes and they asked some questions about that, and I thought of my happy place (person?) but my mind was weird and I mostly just concentrated on the beeps that kept in time with my pulse because it was so cool and I wondered why the anesthesia was taking so long... My chest felt weird and it was slowly going down my body but it was mostly my chest and it felt so heavy and I could hear my heart beeps and one of the women was holding my hand and I squeezed it very hard and I accidentally bit out one of the mouth-open-clamps things the doctor put in and I think I was grasping the woman's finger and I couldn't even hear the music anymore...

Then I woke up, they moved me to the recovery room where my dad teased me about my chipmunk cheeks (I had gauze in there), but it was all so hazy because I had just woken up. I barely even remember seeing anything. I swear, I must have had my eyes closed. XD But I tried very hard to remember because Ian (the boyfriend) told me that he didn't even remember waking up, and I reallyreally had to stay conscious. I barely even remember the ride back. XDD I do remember getting out of the car, grabbing my bag, stumbling into the garage and up the stairs, and then I was flopping onto the couch and I must have taken my blanket out of my bag at one point because then I was asleep underneath it. My grandma brought out a pillow and made me sit up more because that's what I was supposed to do and my dad left to get my prescription, but I was barely conscious.
And yet, somehow, I managed to update my Facebook status from my phone.... *sigh* And I had done so much work to keep my mouth shut so I don't say anything weird while on anesthesia.

...Wow. That was weird. I was completely reliving that day while I wrote that. O.o My mom just walked in and told me to get the dogs food, and when I stood up, it was very... Whoa. Weird. I must be tired. XD

Anyway, my face has been so puffy lately. Everyone has taken the liberty of calling me a chipmunk! Especially my parents and Ian. (laughs) It was hurting soooo muuuuch earlier, especially today, but right now it feels pretty good! Thank god for painkillers
I hope the swelling goes down before school. :/

Thanks for sticking through this post, guys! (If you did.)

Love ya xx

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Luxe said...


Hey its Claire. AKA Chloe as you now know. I'm glad I found your blog :)
How we have matured!
Oh I love you!

Ghostie said...

Heyyy! :DD
Thanks for commenting! I shall check out your blog soooon~

Yay, I love you too!



findingMuse. said...

That makes anesthesia sound oh-so-scary. Especially with the Little Shop dentist... *shudders.*