Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Andrea tagged me. ^^

The rules are simple. Answer the eight questions, add eight of your own for others to answer, then tag the eight people who have to answer them.

1. Does having to play these Blogger games make you wanna punch someone in the face 'cause it postpones posting about your ever-so-melodramatic life?
Erm, not really. I'm actually pretty bored right now. xD There's not a whole lot going on in my life, nothing worth posting about, at least.

2. What are your feelings on zombies?
Meh, let 'em be. If they come for me, I'll find someone with a zombie contingency plan. And if I'm alone, I'll grab a crowbar and have at it! XD (The Boyfriend got after me for not having a zombie contingency plan. Well, I'm sorry!)

3. If you could visit any time period ever, what would it be, and who would you take with you (this person has to be real, and someone you actually know)?
I would visit North American before it was taken over by those darned English, and I would take... Kara! Or Andrea (aka Muse), or Ian. :3 I can't choose.

4. If I gave you Scotch tape, a sharpie, and some studded gloves, what would you do with 'em?
I would create the best Scotch-tape rock-guitarist with an epic mustache! (Who wears only Scotch tape clothes, of course.)

5. Are you suspicious or sympathetic towards third wheels?
Sympathetic, or annoyed (depends on the person. The annoyance could be directed toward the couple). (Why? ....Are you suspicious of third wheels?)

6. Pretend you have a sandbox. But it's not filled with sand. Instead, what is it filled with?
Water and piranhas. I push my enemy in it, and continue on with world dominance.

7. Do you prefer stupid nonsensical questions, or deep metaphorical ones which make you ponder life, God, and the universe around us itself?
...I have the feeling that no matter what I answer, I'm going to get both anyway.

8. Tell me what your regular disposition on life is.
Would you look at that!
Anyway.... As the great Kurt Vonnegut said:
"We were put here on this earth to fart around, and don't let ANYONE EVER tell you ANYTHING different."

Now the people I will tag have to answer these questions!

1. Your favourite book and why.

2. What's the last play/musical you saw? (Mine was Charlie Brown. XD)

3. Your secret weapon for luring in the opposite (or same!) sex. ;D

4. Do you (or did you) do your homework?

5. Which do you prefer, city or country? And why?

6. What is your opinion on organized religion?

7. How do you feel about technology, and where it's headed?

8. What was the last film you watched?

My tagees!
I'm not tagging 8 people, K?

and we all fall .down. (You don't have to do this one, okay? XD I know you just got through a bunch. Totally optional.)
from here everything changes
Monsieur Tea Monster
Just Breathe
To Walk Barefoot

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findingMuse. said...

Remind me sometime, and I'll do it. I like these questions!

Ghostie said...

K, I'll try to remember to remind you. I'm glad you like them! :D

Muffin Panda Plushie said...


Glad I didnt get tagged =3

Ghostie said...


Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Cause it would reveal some of my secrets..... <.< >.>

Ghostie said...

Uhh... Okay...

Muffin Panda Plushie said...


jamie-lee said...

loving reading your answers - god i feel sorry for third wheels too.. it can be totally awkward!