Saturday, 4 December 2010

Chriskindl Markt!

Guess where my German class is going next week?
Guess why we're going to Chicago?
Chriskindl Markt.

I'm really excited for this. I love Chicago, I'm going with some good friends, it's an authentic German Christmas market, and I can get Christmas prezzies! (Ugh, I need to find more money.)
Ich liebe Deutsch! ...Well, I really don't like the class anymore (*laugh* It's because of the pace mostly. My best friend is taking German IIA as an independant study, and she loves being able to work at her own pace). But I can still speak German, and I'm extremely proud of the fact! And I really really really can't wait to go to Chicago...! Sorry! I'm excited!
I'll take pictures! This will be my second time going to Chicago.

I just found this really cool story: [link]. Basically a group of teenagers climbed to the top of an abandoned skyscraper in Chicago and sat on the ledge. The pictures are breathtaking. This is something I'd really like to do now (soo badly).
This entire blog is really fascinating, actually. I recommend checking it out.

So excited for the city. :)
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