Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mm-hmm... So, Thanksgiving was fun. I played with my eleven-year-old cousin and listened to my mother and aunt talk. Then, afterwards, my family went to the movies, per tradition. We saw Four Christimases... Gah, I hate holiday movies. They're all the same. And none of them will be remembered in ten years. Well, except for Christmas Vacation. That's a great movie!

I'm... I'm supposed to be doing Biology homework right now. Yeah... Now working out so well. I'm waiting for my dad to come back home so I can ask him what "mechanism of infection" is supposed to mean...

For your entertainment purposes: The Allen and Craig Show! Episode 9. (These guys are freaking hilarious! Seriously, at least watch the beginning.)

Craig reminds me of Eric Foreman from That '70s Show, and Allen reminds me of Reese from Malcolm in the Middle. The similarities are frightening!

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