Saturday, 7 March 2009

House is so much better than NCIS!

I'm cold.
But then I put a hoodie on over my camisole, so I'm a bit warmer.
I've been looking into Visual Kei fashion a lot tonight.
Most of it is incredible expensive. I found this great site through an ad in Shojo Beat magazine,
Their shoes are awesome!

My hair is bothering me so much! It's getting too long. Now I remember why I cut it in the first place! (Last year.)
So I'm trying to draw what I want my hair to look like so I have something to give to the stylist. I hope this works.
I also want to bleach my bangs. My mother is saying no right now, but only because she hates that look. I think I may eventually be able to turn her around. :D

Right now my hair is just plain. Long and boring. Bangs that keep parting (stupid bangs!). But I try to make up for what I lack in my hair with my clothing. My clothes are usually something like black, white, and grey plaid miniskirt, tights, sandals with a heel, and maybe a long black coat or a black blouse with a hot pink tank top underneath, covering the v-neck.
Once in a while I may throw in a long paisley skirt or a purple hoodie littered with little stars.
But I hate wearing just T-shirt and jeans.
By the way, the outfit I described up there, with the coat, would be my closest thing to lolita. When I wore it the first time, my mother said that I looked "like that girl from The Path."
(She just meant that I looked very gothic. Which is cool.)

What do you wear on a regular day?

I have fallen in love with the Kodona lolita look. A cool style for girls, pretty hot for guys. ;)

I don't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I have been watching a lot of House, M.D. lately!
I loove that show...
I'm just about to watch the last episode of the third season (online). Then I will go upstairs and watch the fourth season, which my mother kindly rented for me at Family Video.
The third season is the best so far, I think! The arc with that policeman (what's his name?) and the Vicoden... And a certain kiss...!!! :D Love it.
My friends like NCIS better. I watched an episode yesterday. I don't like it.
House all the way!

PS. 74%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
Three years and I'm still going strong!


Muse of Randomness said...

I checked out that site. The merchandise is awesome, but I can't read Japanese. T_T

Bleaching bangs, eh... First thought is Kiro xDD. And my hair is frustrating, I do the same thing. Your mom means Ruby? ^-^

I like NCIS and have never watched House M.D., so I'm not one to ask on that topic.

pop*POLKA said...

I sawddd those shoes before.
I like them...
And YAY for kodona I likes it.

Courtney said...

Muse: I think there's a button in the top-right corner that says 'English.' It miraculously changes the text to English. :D
Haha, yeah, Kiro! That's where I got the idea, really... Whoa! Kiro's my height... Cool! :D (Sorry, I just read that!) And apparently his bass has five strings. O_o
Yeah, she was talking about Ruby. Though she does think that all of the girls look goth... Huh? And oh, man, you need to watch House! It's incredibly addictive... Like one of its taglines, "More addictive than Vicoden!" (It makes sense once you watch it. XD)

Pop*Polka: The boots are my favourite! I'm in looove with them... I have my heart set on buying them now. Both of the shoes are regularly $90-something, but it's buy 2 for $100. Now I just need one hundred bucks. T_T