Sunday, 12 July 2009

Overview of My Week

Last week (or is it still going on?) there was a fair in my best friend's hometown (which is just ten minutes from my house). The fair comes with cattle, rides, delicious fair lemonade, and, of course, a parade.
Since I take karate (Kenpō), I was in it, with the adult class, Angel, and the kid class. All we really did was march while doing punches and kicks, somewhat boring. But what made it interesting was when I saw Genaro... And then saw him again. And again! Stalker! (silly boy, I already have a stalker!) So after we were done in the parade, we ("we" being Angel and I) found him and talked to him for a bit. The main reason we found him was 'cuz I wanted to borrow some monies for delicous fair lemonade, but it was great to see him again! (I still need to get that drawing I did to him...)

After the parade (Angel and I watched the rest with her parentals, and I saw my cousin in a firetruck! He threw a piece of candy to me ^__^) I went back to Angel's house, we hung out for awhile, and ended up going back to the fair, out of boredom. We ran into one of her sister's friends, and Angel and Morgan we pooled our money and bought an elephant ear, and then I ran into my cousin again.
Angel's mother said that we had to be in the door by 10:00pm. We left at about 9:45 or so to walk back, but we were going very slowly, I was stopping every time I saw some candy on the sidewalk left over from the parade and whenever a firefly caught my eye. We were still about a seven minutes' walk from her house when Angel checked her cell phone for the time. I was just casually stolling next to her when I heard a "Oh shi- it's 9:57! RUN!" We both broke into a sprin, ran as fast as we could for about a block, then we stopped and walked a little bit, until the time changed to 9:58, and we were back running! We continued this cycle until we reached her house, where I finally slowed down, thinking I was safe. But no, I was wrong! As soon as I stepped into the house, I guess the clocked changed to 10:00 right as my foot touched the doorstep. I collapsed into an armchair and was forced to listen to Angel's brother crowing about how I was this close to missing the curfew.

Umm.... Then basically I spent the night, and then Angel spent the next two nights at my house. (Those two nights consisting of baking cake in a tea cup, playing in the middle of the road, and taking apart t-shirts to make halter tops.)

Yeah, this post is getting long enough as it is.

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