Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A Picturified Post.

I am growing increasingly frustrated with sewing right now. This shirt is not coming out right!!!
*cough* Anyway. Not much going on, please sink your eyes into these beautiful (not really) photographs...

New characters, Don:

Beltrán. (Yes, the left side of his face is covered with burn scars, and he has an eyepatch.)

...And Miya, the first one I came up with. She dyed her hair herself. ^_^ Heheh. And you can see some notes I jotted down about her personality to the left.

My sad, sad attempt at bubble tea. (Yeah, I coloured it.)

Did watercolours in art lessons the other day. Not really a fan of my paintings. They're just so... Plaaain. Ordinary. But whatever, good practice.

They're carrots. I had three minutes to paint this, okay?!

It's half red, half green. If you don't see the pure awesomeness, then there must be something wrong with your vision.

Now feast your eyes upon the view from my bedroom window.... At night, in the rain:

(it's even prettier and dreamier in person!)

That's all for now, folks!


Zach said...

wow i love the new characters! how do you come up with names anyways?

Seventeen said...

Ugh, names... That's what I'm the worst at. For Miya, actually, her name just came to me while I was drawing her. For Beltrán, however, I scoured baby names web pages for quite awhile before I finally found one that fit. (Ugh, you should have seen me when I was trying to name two other characters, Fox and Cyan.... Days!)

Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Lol sweet characters! Eyepatch, awesome. and I laughed when I saw Miyu, she looks so cool. (It was a 'Thats awesome' Laugh.)

Seventeen said...

Yay! I'm glad you like them! ^_^

Muse of Randomness said...

I'm lovin' the characters.. Especially Miya. And the apple isd EPIC. :D