Sunday, 6 September 2009

...And Life Goes On.

(Photography by Courtney Landon)

Last Friday Angel invited me to a baseball game. ^_^ No, actually, I don't like sports much (and I have such trouble paying attention!), but it was a lot of fun with her. We both dressed out of the normal (well, I usually try to, and I think she recently has, too, which I think is awesome). I wore my favourite plaid red-and-brown jacket with a black fedora and my new "emo" glasses, and Angel wore her new almost knee-high boots (I love those boots) with a black and white scarf and a clunky bracelet. You'd have to see her overall outfit to get the whole idea of it.
We spent three innings standing in line for a pretzel, fries, and soda. =__=

But there were fireworks!
(I sat there watching them, taking picture after picture of the fireworks. I posted one of them at the top of this post.)
And it was great to see her again for the first time in three weeks. :D

Then today after church I was talking to my mother about Bubble Island.
Me: Can we go there sometime? I cannot wait three months to go there again for my birthday!
Mom: Well, sure, if you help me clean the house, we could go there tomorrow.
Me: Wha-- Seriously?

I've been trying to get a hold of Angel-- Ah, dang, the phone rang. It wasn't her. I'm hoping she and maybe her mother can come (her mom to distract my mom), 'cuz after telling her about my last trip to Bubble Island, she said she wants to go. =D

And then yesterday I fell asleep on my bed at around 7 while I was trying to read Skinned. =_= ...I woke up and fell back asleep multiple times, but ultimately, I slept for fourteen hours.
And now I guess I should go do some of that housework.



Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Your lucky, I havnt been able to do ANYthing lately, I havnt seen anyone since the farmers picnic, and I want to go to Bubble Island, it sounds weird (Wich is cool ;3) All I've been doing is preparing for the garage sale, earning money, and trying to get some points to buy pets on Mabinogi >.<

Seventeen said...

Ooh, you're having a garage sale? Cool! Selling anything interesting? When is it?
Bubble Island is very cool, not sure about weird, but it must be if I like it so much. :3 I'll post pictures.
What pets do you want to buy?
If I had any NX, I'd get a polar bear or a mini bear, and a Thoroughbred. :D

Zach said...

i see how it is... you're too cool to go with us to Bubble Island any more... you catch on to something cool and take it somewhere to have more fun! ^^ jk

Seventeen said...

Oh, you know it!

Actually, I seriously wasn't expecting to go again so soon. It's kind of weird! I was thinking that my mother would say we could go in a few weeks or something, but I guess she figured we'd better go while she has a day off. :D

Zach said...

ahh that be coolio! ^^