Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Purple Dreams.

owo So much to write about.

Monday, Fake an Injury Day. Spirit Week. I usually boycott Spirit Week, but I couldn't pass up that day. :D So when I was lying around the house, sick, on Friday, I made an eyepatch. (Oh, yeah.)

On Sunday (backing up one day here!) I went with some friends (Angel and Emily) to go shopping. We also stopped by a rock climbing place to drop off the boys (in Angel's family), and there was a set of old railroad tracks next to it. The building was quite old, too. Very beautiful. We took pictures, and now this weekend, Angel and I plan to have our own makeshift photoshoot. (Ugh, it sounds so stupid when I put it that way. We're going to walk around our two towns and take pictures, of the tracks, of ourselves, of the stars, photography!)

Fast forward (or rewind?) to Monday again. At lunchtime, the gothic style was brought up, and Fetus said something that I've never heard anyone say, but which I agree with entirely.
(Paraphrasing here:)
"People think that the gothic style is all about being depressed, unhappy, dark, but it's not. It's about finding beauty in the darkness..."
I fail, because I cannot remember the rest of what he said.
But I completely agree... I always knew this... Maybe not knew, but I felt it. I had never been able to put it into words, but I feel that it's the truth.

This is currently my desktop. Click on it. And be blow away.

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