Thursday, 29 October 2009

Du hasst mich!

Finally! Time to post! (=_= Tons of things to report on, and I don't think I'll be able to get to them all.)

Um, yes, so my blood has this dumb problem of rushing to my face when I'm not even embarrassed, but it just happens when a lot of people look at me or something (not embarrassed! And not cute! I can sense your thoughts, you-know-who!). So at lunch, as she does every day, Holleigh gave me half of her fruit roll-up, and I was eating it hunched over with both of my hands when Fetus looked at me and started laughing. I could feel my face get a bit warm, and I checked my hair because I was having a bad hair day. He said, "You look like a squirrel!" and continued to laugh. My face grew warmer, because now everyone was looking at me, and most were also laughing. He noticed how my face was brightening and managed to get out through his laughing, "It gets redder! X'DDD" My face became bright red (I could feel it!), and I started laughing because, let's face it, it was funny. He was still laughing at me, so I just buried my face in my arms and the table, laughed almost hysterically at the way he said "it's getting redder!", and managed somehow to pull myself together after he hugged me apologetically. (I had tear-streams!)

And, of course, there was the zombie invasion.
(I'll try to condense this.)
During fourth hour last Thursday, the power went out. We were quite for a moment, then people started talking, hoping school would be let out (of course not!), but the lights in our room were still on (I have no idea why).
Lights started flashing in the hall, and Damien cried out that it was the zombie invasion. Mrs. C quickly agreed. Everyone laughed, but Damien said, "HEY! When the zombies start crashing into our room trying to take your brains, you won't be laughing!!!"
A few kids signed passes, which many of us thought was quite stupid ("Don't even bother signing those passes, Mrs. C! They're not coming back!" -Damien), and Mrs. C told us a story (we did this for about twenty minutes, even though we weren't even using electricity in the first place!). Later Mr. Rose knocked on the door to come in, and when Mrs. C cracked it open, she yelled, "It's a zombie!!!" Mr. Rose walked in sloooowly, staring straight ahead, hands slightly in front of him. "Oh, it's that kind of zombie?! Why are we scared?!" Damien exclaimed with exasperation.
But when the lights in our room finally turned off, Damien jumped out of his seat, ran to the back of the room, grabbed a thick roll of paper towel to hold above his head, and just stood there, waiting. X'DD

I'm next to a glass window right now, and it being Halloween, I'm a bit frightened. (Zombies!)

On a quick note (let's hope this is quick!), Ian wore my dress yesterday. XDD The day before he asked if he could borrow it for day-before-Halloween-Friday, and I said yes. :3 (It fit him very well!) He told me that every year, his costumes evolve as the day goes on. Last year, as he told me, the changes were very dramatic. This year he started out as a Nobody (from Kingdom Hearts) (if his trench coat was black instead of khaki), obtained a plastic white mask (quite freaky, I couldn't tell what his expressions were!), wore his signature fedora, and at lunch put on my dress under the coat.
It was great.

Me: So I was at this bookstore, and I saw this guy wearing a really creepy mask... I swear, if he got any closer to me, fists were about to start flying!
Angel: Courtney. There is a guy wearing a dress here!

When I was leaving church tonight (Halloween-type ministry party thing for neighbourhood kids), I heard one of my guy-friends say, "Yeah, so I got to grab his butt." My only thoughts (after "That's not a good thing to overhear!") were that if my male friends could wear dresses, grab guys' butts, and have a steady girlfriend... Well, I sure know how to pick my friends!
(I love you guys. xx)


Muffin Panda Plushie said... say......must restrain....must restrain!!!

Ghostie said...

Say them all!!!

Muffin Panda Plushie said...

-shakes from trying to hold back so hard- n-n-no!

Ghostie said...

Please? Please? Even if it's a long comment, I love long comments best!!!

Muffin Panda Plushie said...


Aww!! Dats cuuute~~
Squirrel XD
I AM JEALOUS, I really want to be in that class with you and Damien.
I SO would have had his bak for all of that.
I am curios as to what you think of me as a friend.
That's all I can remember.