Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mask Monday!

"This morning, I walked into the kitchen to find my Dad drinking his coffee. When he took a big sip, I told him I was pregnant. He spit it out all over the table. I'm his son. MLIA"

Well, I said I would talk about my original characters (OCs) a long time ago, so I suppose I shall do it now. (Since I finally started making refs for them.)

Here's my first set: Fox, Cyan, Andii, and Amica. If this goes over well, I'll do my other two sets.

Fox Nightengale: The older twin (identical) of Cyan Nightengale. Reddish-brown hair, about 6 foot (about 183 cm), medium build. Age 16.
He's fairly popular (well-known and well-liked, has a good number of friends, but wouldn't exactly be catagorized as popular. His best friends (Andii, Erica, and Cyan) aren't very popular).
He plays basketball, loves his brother and his younger sister very much (he's very protective of his sister), and likes to read. His favourite article of clothing are sleeveless hoodies. B-average student.

Cyan Nightengale: The younger twin of Fox Nightengale. Same appearance as Fox Nightengale.
He's quieter than Fox, but still a bit outgoing (he tends to keep much more of his thoughts to himself than Fox, who pretty much just spouts whatever comes into his mind). He loves to draw, works part-time in an art store located in the city, and maybepossibly has a crush on Erica. X3 He wears his goggles (ugh I completely forgot to draw them!) as much as he can (he has some troubles at school, they have a strict dress code), and tends to wear his school uniform even after school has ended. A/B-average student.

Andii: Of Africa-American and European descent, brown wavy hair, 5 foot 6 inches. Average weight. Age 17. Outgoing, best friends with Erica, Fox, and Cyan (in that order). Likes to act kind of 'crazy' at times, an only child, and has been best friends with Erica since they were little kids. Most of the time she just talktalktalks! (I'm sure at least some of you have read the memes I've filled out.) A/B-average student.

Amica Grey: Okay, I know she looks, like, twelve, but she's 22 years old! She's just... Really petite. Brown hair and green eyes. She attends a local community college, lives at home (but stays at friends' houses frequently... The only reason she comes back home is because of her younger sister, Erica). She has a boyfriend, but she doesn't really ever bring him home because she's a bit embarrassed about her house and neighbourhood (her parents don't have very much money). She loves to party. :3


BTW! Here's the dress I talked about earlier. I hope he doesn't mind me posting this.

Today Plushie gave me a mask he picked up from the hospital (he just had to get a doctor's note).

I wore it at school, but the problem is, everyone takes me waaay too seriously. I'm only having fun!


Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Well, actually, -I- Went to the hospital because I was sick, my mom took me because I needed a doctor note. If I didn't miss school, she would have just had me stay home and suffer =P

Ghostie said...

Yes. You went to the hostpital, but only to get the note. You were sick, but that's not the sole reason you went.

Muffin Panda Plushie said...

But the note wasn't the sole reason either.

Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Btw, whats that shiney thing you're holding in the pic?

Ghostie said...

It's a knife, P. A knife.

Muffin Panda Plushie said...

It looks line one, but doesnt at the same time....I just dont think I can see things normally -.-

Ghostie said...

You can't. Muse knew my avatar was a bunny. It's aaall you.

Ghostie said...

Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Yeah, but, what would be the fun in seeing things normally, living in my own world is the only way to go.