Wednesday, 20 January 2010

...And Time Speeds Up.

Hello. What's this? A blog, you say? I do seem to have a slight memory of something called a "blog". But I could be wrong, it's been so long.

I'm watching "Fun With Dick and Jane." Right now: "IBELIEVEIBELIEVEIBELIEVEIBELIEVE!" XDD (WATCH IT.)

My friend just texted me to my computer saying that one of the kids in her mom's daycare was watching his imaginary telly, when another kid around his age shut it off. (Mind you, this is an imaginary telly.) The first kid got so mad, he pushed the one who turned it off. XD
By the way, I did delete my last post. It was just a useless rant-post, and I always end up deleting those. XD

I should probably address the most pressing issue on my blog right now.
Uhm.... So you'll notice that it's white.... Yeaaah...
I spent two days making a new template. I was up until 2am writing it, and some more the next day. I was so happy!!! I tested it out on some "test blogs" I made, and it was perfect!
Then... I put it on this blog.
GAH. I can't tell you how frustrating this is! The only explanation I can think of is that my blog has way more posts than the test blogs, and maybe that threw it off??? I set my blog and the test one to the same settings, and it still doesn't work for me! Help? Anyone?
I posted the template to BlogSkins, so you can see (...and download) it here.

And Fetus turned me onto yet another webcomic. (The art slowly improves.)

g h o s t i e

It's all in the lyrics. Always.

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