Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Fetus showed me the video above. I love V for Vendetta!
...I really need to update my 'Cast of Characters' list for this blog.

Whirlwind by Robert Liparulo is out!
Apparently is was published in December?! I haven't been checking for the release date because I did a few months ago and I could have sworn there was at least a month left. =_=;;
I'm hoping my mom will offer to buy it (so my brother will read it). >:D

Before Christmas break in Modern English, we had to translate a scene of Hamlet into the theme of our choice. Our group chose Finding Nemo. (Garrett was unhappy because he had to be Dory instead of Bruce. XD)
I was the made-up June, brother of Nemo. (aka Ophelia.)

June: (After telling Marlin that Squirt burst into her room "all crazy and stuff," and in response to something Marlin said): "I'm not sure, I am pretty cute."
(Marlin's line.)
June: "Well, he grabbed my fin and started yelling."
Kadwell (teacher) (after we finished): "So the moral of this story is: No matter how cute you are, girls, you should never let a guy grab your fin."

I will remember that piece of advice for years to come. ._.

g h o s t i e

[EDIT:] I updated my Cast of Characters! Now you can refer to this post, if you wish, to see who I'm talking about in my posts. ^^ [\EDIT]

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