Thursday, 11 February 2010

Dr. Courtney is in the House!

I should probably start with the title first.
In Creative Writing class we've had all these journals assignments. The other day Mr. S looked through our notebooks to make sure we had the correct number of entries.
When he came to me, he took a look at my notebook and said,
"Uhh... Courtney, do you plan on becoming a doctor?"
ME: "Uhm, no, why?"
"Because you have the perfect handwriting for it."
Angel: (laughing for five minutes)

But that is not all!
Today he was going over the journals, they're due tomorrow, make sure you have twenty, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
"Who's the famous doctor in here?"
ME: *rasies hand slowly*
Mr. S: "Haha, that's right. The famous Dr. Courtney*. You're going to have to type yours up." (Then he went on to explain to the class exactly why I am a doctor.)

Then after lunch Alex and... Brandon? Were talking about Brandon's spray-coloured hair (it was 'Pop Star Day' for Spirit Week. More on that later), and Alex turned to me.
"Dr. Courtney, is it your medical opinion that blue hair is good for you?"
"Yes, yes it is." (<-- That last one was me.)

Okay, one last story. XD
We were taking a quiz in Modern English, and for the last extra credit question, Mr. K asked, "What am I getting my girlfriend for Valentine's Day?" He then went around the room to see what everyone said. And how did G answer the question???
"Yourself, covered in whipped cream and chocolate."
The class roared with laughter.
"No, no, NO, G, that's a TERRIBLE idea!" Mr. K shouted.
I. Could not. Stop. LAUGHING.

Click for fullview.

This is my handwriting. I really don't think it's THAT bad.

The next three pictures are the Juniors' hallway for Spirit Week. I love it!

*He actually used my last name, but foo', you don't need my last name!

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