Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hey all! I am in Creative Writing currently, kind of bored. We're just doing 'peer reviews,' which I did yesterday. (It's all online!, pretteh sweet.)
I'm going to say something I'm sure I have said before: I love my Creative Writing class! Alex or Brandon (I'm not sure whose it is... I'd place my bets on Alex) brought this foot-tall Spiderman figure (it's pretty cool! They bought it for about $2, I think! Awesome, right?). Mr. S was taking pictures with the yearbook camera of the Spiderman figure on Alex's desk, in 'The Thinker" pose (with Alex in the background doing the same pose). XD Then Mr. S placed the figure on top of the laptop cart (above the girls that were on the floor, leaning against it) in a 'RAWR' pose. XDD

Youth group was so good yesterday! The message was about 'love' (loving other people because we're all human beings-- we are no better than anyone else), and it reminded me and Plushie of To Save A Life. Afterward I talked to Todd (youth pastor) about the movie, and we had a really great conversation. At the end, he said we'd probably watch it one Wednesday when it comes out on DVD. ^___^

Oh, lunch time. Later!


treewalker said...

you get to take a creative writing class?!

i am so jealous. you cannot see how jealous i am. :)

how've you been?

Ghostie said...

Yes, I do! Your school doesn't have a creative writing class? D: I hear that my school has a lot of classes that others don't... Like Styles and Textiles (sewing), Creative Cuisine (cooking/baking), and Woods (shop).

I have been good! You?

treewalker said...

we have the last 3 but we have another subject called Literature, and we study things like shakespeare and Frankenstein and some really cool stuff. my lit teacher is the smartest teacher in the school i think :) what do u do in creative writing?

Ghostie said...

You don't have creative writing, though? We have a lot of English classes... Right now I'm taking regular English, Modern English Classics (we read Hamlet and Pride and Prejudice and a book of our choice), and Creative Writing. In creative writing we write.... Creatively! (laugh) Mostly poems and short stories. ^___^ This trimester is almost over, though. :(

treewalker said...

i did hamlet :) highest mark in the class for the assessment was 15 and i got 13 so i did pre good :) we're doing Frankenstein now, it's really interesting. we don't do much creative writing at our school because the teachers don't like to encourage imagination. they would prefer us to be miserable so we don't cause trouble. :P