Thursday, 11 March 2010

I know I keep saying this, but... Today was suuuch a good day!
SRSLY. Even better than the usual 'wonderful.' ^_^

I was just mindin' my own business, headed to my German class, when Fetus appeared out of no where, walking towards me, put his arm around me, then dragged me to the wall, then said "Hello" and walked off. I still do not understand...

Then... I walked in for Physical Science, and the first thing I saw was Mrs. C standing in the back corner, next to this huge movie theatre-style popcorn machine, making popcorn... What?! Then we watched Land of the Lost, because the Juniors had to take the ACTs all this week, and she's a niiiice teacher. On my way out I grabbed a bag for Plushie, since I ate most of his popcorn last Sunday... >.>;;

I stayed late after school with Plush... Eh, he was supposed to come over, but we met after school and it was kind of like... This: "Do you have a note?" "What?" "Are you riding my bus?" "You never told me that." "Well, that's what we always do!" "Well..." "I'm confused now!!!" So Donald grabbed a back of popcorn Mrs. C was handing out at the corner, said good-bye to his girlfriend, allowed Genaro to take half of his popcorn, and we left. We searched for Jason so he could give us a ride home, but we couldn't find him so we walked around the back of the school and found the art teacher. Guess what? We're starting an anime club at school!!!
We ended up calling his mother to pick us up, who called his grandmother... Who took us to his house. His mother had salespeople over. (laugh) We walked to my house and played the Sims 3 for three hours. XD (SO TIME CONSUMING.)

It's raining... And now I'm really sad that my computer isn't next to the window anymore. :(

To tie together a nearly-perfect day (testing was the only thing keeping it from reaching perfection), I am now talking to my best-friend-from-elementary-school for the first time since last summer! =D YUSSSH.

g h o s t i e

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