Saturday, 13 March 2010

Soon We'll Be Living in the Future

I have to stoooop wanting to change my blog's layout. DX It's like this, and it is here to stay! (For a few more weeks, anyway...)
Plushie-chan (ooh, I should start calling him that!) invited me to go see Alice in Wonderland with him today! But... I don't know if I can. v.v I've been planning to see the 3 o'clock showing of our school play, Grease, and I have a friend in it and I really want to see it. So maybe they'll be going to see Alice a little later.... Or else I'll probably just end up seeing it with my mother or Angel. ;)

I'm living next door to a lake again.
No, srsly. April showers came a liiiitle early this year, and now my neighbour's side yard is flooded again. Like it does every year. I just hope it won't freeze over like it usually does! (That means snow. D:<)
After Jason dropped me off at home yesterday, I immediently took off my sandals and knee-socks and ran outside to get the mail. (I took a few detours through the mud.) Then I came inside and changed into Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt and opened up my window. :3 Angel thinks I'm crazy for thinking this weather is warm, but it is! Fifty degrees Fahrenheit is freaking WARM! Anyone else agree? Let me hear the 'aye's!

Okay. I mentioned this before, but now it's actually happening, so I'll go all-out here! (Uh-oh.)
Heck yush. >:3
I think I got the idea when I thought about the club Nellie's school has, then something Emily said really inspired me to talk to other people about it. I mentioned it to Plush, and he was all for it! So we began planning together, researching, trying to figure out how to make it work. We had everything planned, and the only two things left for us to do was to find a teacher that would supervise us, and talk to the school principal.
We killed two birds with one stone. >w< (In a way.)
We decided to talk to the art teacher first, Mr. R, because he'd be likely to want to help us. Guess what? He was all for it!!! So we met with him the next day, yesterday, to discuss what we wanted to do and everything. He told us that he talked to the principal, and there's not even any strict club etiquette we have to follow! Pretty much, we just need to have a teacher to supervise (which we have!). And Mr. R even gave us some good ideas! (We're going to watch anime, from the old stuff to the very new stuff. Y'know, to see how anime evolved over the decades? It was sort of both Plush and Mr. R's idea, I think. We're going to start off watching an anime Mr. R has from when he was a kid, back in the '70s.)
Now we just have to get members together (which we're working on), choose a date for the first meeting, and plan out the first meeting. YESSSS.
It's actually happening!!!
I hope that it works out... Maybe we can all attend that local anime con together this summer! ^w^


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