Thursday, 8 April 2010

Yeah... I fail at posting when I need to. :/ (Even more at journalling when I need to. >.<) Here's my schedule today:

6:30am- Wake up. Press snooze.
6:35- Hear my mom playing the piano downstairs.
6:37- Decide I'd better just get up and stop waiting for my alarm to go off.
7:00- Meet Shae at the hill.
7-7:30- Chat with Shae, wait for the nonexistent sunrise to appear, make plans. I honestly can't remember what time it was at this point- We waited for some men to drive away from this small house/shed-like building that's next to the hill. Once they were gone, we inspected the lock on the door, determined that we could not pick it with a bobby pin, and carried this big heavy rock up the hill. The rock rolled down once we got it up there, so it took us another few minutes to roll it back up. =.= But once we got it up we realized that it wasn't quite tall enough to get us up on the roof, then some guy pulled up in a truck and waved us away angrily.
Whoknowswhattime-9:00- Have breakfast/work on my essay for English
9-9:50 (am)- Play the Sims
3 10-11:00- go to the coffee shop with Shae, buy a delicious cinnamon roll, and play Lakewoodopoly (a crack version of Monopoly xD) and lose.

Okay, so that's just my morning. But for the rest of the day I pretty much just played Sims 3, worked on my essay, and browsed the interwebs. At one point I erased my whiteboard and wrote some new stuff on it. But that's it. :/
Tomorrow I'll work on doing stuff in the afternoon, too!

But for now I am falling asleep,

g h o s t i e

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