Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Quickie

Felt like I should write a quick post before bed.... I'm going to bed early tonight! I WILL! Or at least I will go to my bed and stay in there early! Even if it means I have to read fifty chapters of The Hollow People, I will do it!!!

....Aaaaaanywaaay.... (coughcough) I love youth group so much, now that both Shae and Plushie are going. :DD Before, it was like, 'Yeah, I'll have fun... I can talk to Shantell and Zach...' and then it was, 'Yeah, Plushie's going! We can talk!' But noooow it is, 'I hope Plushie brought a cup, or else Shae may seriously injure the boy.' (Kiiiiidiiing... Kinda. XDD) Yeah, it's a lot of fun! Tonight, after youth group was over, we just hung out and chatted. (And listened to some guys play the guitar... Eric and Shae tried to guess each other's names... At one point Shae and Plushie were on me, trying to blow into each of my ears.........)

You may have noticed that I changed the header of my blog once again. I became bored... Also, the quality of the last one kinda bugged me. So here you have it, a photo I took at the Gardens last year! (I snagged to from my Flickr and just made it into a header quickly. xD)

I think this one fits my blog better. Definitely ties into the colour sceme.
Okay, I'd better head into that rain-like machine thing now... Later!
g h o s t i e

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