Friday, 9 April 2010

"Ich Will Keinen Zentimeter Mehr Zwischen Uns"

"I don't want a centimeter between us."

I saw an icon that said that. ^ (In German, not English.) I really like it.

I really sucked with yesterday's post. XD Sorry 'bout that.

Well, today I woke up early, at 6:30, like I did yesterday, to watch the sunrise. It was so cold that I had to turn my bike around, though, to go get my winter coat and some gloves. Doesn't that suck? It should not be this cold! Anyway. I was the only one there, to my disappointment. But it didn't matter. Shae was right, the hill is most certainly an enchanted place (read Stargirl?). I was wondering when I should go, convinced that there wouldn't be a sunrise again, and when I was starting to decide that I should go, it's too cold... The sky caught on fire.

I'm serious. Imagine these photos are 8x more gorgeous, and that should give you an idea of what it was like this morning.

(this was actually the last one I took.)

The sunrise cast an amazing light on the world behind me. The lighting disappeared with the sun (it hid behind the clouds after the show).

Oh, gosh. I nearly forgot! Remember the little building next to the hill I mentioned in the last post? There were men there this morning, and the door was open! But... But...!!! By the time I inconspicuously rode by bike to that side of the hill, they door was closed so much that there was only a tiny crack in the door, and I couldn't get close enough to see inside. v.v
When I was looking at the sunrise, I caught one of the men looking at me. He was just staring, then took a step forward, but I raised my camera to the sky at that point, and he turned away. I don't know if it was a coincidence or what, but it was kind of funny. :3 I'm not a hoodlum! (Not really!)

In other news, I want to plan a trip to the zoo sometime in the following months (even though I hate zoos), so if anyone is interested... Drop me a hint. ;) (And yeah, you have to live within a twenty mile radius of me!)
Also... Anyone interested in going to a Superchick concert? In May? At the best amusement park in the world? Who can drive? (I'm sorry, the last one is a requirement... Kidding. But it would be really nice. We don't have a ride yet. v.v)

g h o s t i e


Muffin Panda Plushie said...

I can go to the zoo, I havnt been there in ages, it would be nice!
Superchick concert, I can check into it, depending on when it is, since my b-day is in May and all.

Ghostie said...

It's at the end of May. ^^

shae said...

count me in for both! we should go to that zoo that has a carousel :) i'm just a big kid when it comes to carousels!! i could prolly drive, my uncle is selling his vette so if we all chip in we could buy it and share it... so i could drive to the zoo. forget the little details like perhaps i havent had drivers training yet but... well minor things right? are you going to be at the hill b4 church tommorow?? we should plan and adventure for the afternoon!

shae said...

oh woooooooops just reread that last part, driving to the CONCERT. i can do that too.

Ghostie said...

Actually, now that I think of it, we'd need a ride to the zoo, too. But I don't think you're the best one to do it, Shae........ Yeaaah.... XD I'mma talk to Andrea, maybe her mother will let her drive to the zoo in a few months! (Uggh, so long.) Which zoo has the carosel? I was thinking of Binder Park. I mean, it's in that-town-with-the-crazy-name-that-always-appears-in-songs. That zoo is AWESOME.

Oh, yes, and an adventure! I will most certainly go to the hill tomorrow morning, and we MUST get started on the box-stamp-things! I'll explain the rules to you tomorrow. ;D