Sunday, 4 April 2010

E... E... E... Something that starts with E...

Weeell, today started off as a disappointment... My mom came in my room when I was still mostly asleep and told me that she was going to split up our candy and make a basket for my brother's friend, who stayed over last night. =.= I was preeeeetty annoyed by that one. But I still received a fair amount of candy. (First year getting Peeps!)
Theeen (I stretch words out a lot >.>) I arrived to church, all excited because I knew the drama team would be performing a bit, heard some rumours about people singing before service..... *sigh* But THEN the woman in charge of Childrens' Ministry found my in the sanctuary, and apparently I was supposed to be serving this week. =.=;; I was tired and upset, which is not a good mix, but it was fine. I went in there thinking, "Okay, God, this had BETTER be WORTH IT!" and it was. Taliah (spelling, spelling) stuck a foam bunny sticker to my back, which I moved to the pocket of my sweater, where it still remains. And afterward I had the chance to talk to Zach (twice in one week! I'M ON A ROLL!!!), which I wouldn't have been able to do if I'd attended the regular service. (I would have been dragged out as always.)

Things that have made me laugh today (Sorry, Shae, I hope you don't mind me stealing this!):
-The "Secretary of Defense" called, and when I said "YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!" Plushie heard a helicopter in the distance.
-I just remembered when I was hanging out with Plushie and Fetus, and Fetus pulled a knife on me. "We've joked about it before, but this time it's for real!" he declared. XD
-"Life is sexually transmitted and always fatal." I stole this from Shae's awesome blog, and iloveit.
-A certain Plushie pinning me down (he was not on top of me, BTW!) so I couldn't draw attention to us... He's been running from phantoms. O.o I do not understand.
-In the toddler room today at church, a girl came in to take photos of the kids, and this one boy was such a ham! He did these great model-like poses, putting his arm on the top of the chair, draping himself across the chair, laying on the floor... XD It was great.

And, finally, this hilarious video I was shown today after Easter dinnah:

I had my dad behind me, "'Oooh, it's so WINDY in here!'" XDDD He looks like he's being blown over by a gust of wind!

g h o s t i e


Zach said...

not gonna lie, it was funny, but the silence was almost saddening...

But that's flattering that it enlightens you to see me ^^ lol

i WILL be online multiple times this week! i have to be!

and i believe i will steel that as well from both you and shae :]

Ghostie said...

What was funny?

Haha, o'course. Yer mah friend, I like talking to you! ^-^

You DO know that being on Facebook does NOT count, right? ;DDD

Zach said...

lol YES... i know facebook doesn't count. it's really a lifesucker... but all at the same time a necessary evil.

*the video was funny, sorry*

aww YER mah fran TOOOOO!!!!!!!!! <]

Ghostie said...

Pffffffft. FB is totally unnecessary. But you already know my feelings on that lifesucker. ;)

Oh, yeah, the video is silent. :/ I guess I didn't really notice the first time I saw it cuz my entire family was gathered around the computer, laughing and making jokes about it. XDD

Aww, why thank y'all! >:3