Friday, 18 June 2010


Came back from my Pennsylvania vacation yesterday!

We did SO. MUCH.
Angel and I discovered, soon into the vacation, that something interesting happened every single day of the vacation.
So rather than going into a play-by-play of what we did each day, I'll write a quick story about each interesting thing that happened, one for each day.

Day One: Arrival (Saturday)
After the 8-hour car ride, we were so happy to be able to unpack and laze around our rented yurt.
Angel and I soon discovered that the neighbours next door had two sons, one of which looked about a year younger than us, and the second who turned out to be a sophomore in college.
The older son started playing his guitar on his porch around 9 that night. Ange and I went out to our porch and lay on the picnic table, staring at the stars as we listened. Then we got up and walked up and down the road, still listening, chatting quietly. We even tried to catch some lightning bugs! It was almost perfect.

Day Two: Wal-Mart (Sunday)
Okay, this one isn't the most interesting. I'll keep it short. Pretty much, we went to Wal-Mart, and Angel and I picked up hair dye. Then we dyed our hair. XD Exciting, I know. But now my hair is a light golden brown! :D

Day Three: The Bird (Monday)
We were in the bathroom, brushing our teeth, when Angel noticed the bird that was flying against the window (it was a high window). I was all for leaving it alone and getting ready for the day, but she kept looking at it, and before I knew it, we were standing on the benches in the shower, leaning across to the window, trying to catch the bird. Her enthusiasm caught on quickly, and now I feel really bad for not caring for the bird in the first place (nervous laugh). I do think the neighbours across the street thought we were crazy! We ran into the public bathroom, then a few minutes later, ran back out. We returned, still running, with a pillow case. About 3 minutes after that, I dashed out of the bathrooms once again, and returned with a chair. XDD I know that they were extremely curious because I could see them watching us from their porch, and the woman that was staying there came into the bathroom to see what the heck we were up to. XD
And yes, we did eventually manage to trap the poor bird in the pillow case and set him free!

Day Four: ...Yes, Day Four... (Tuesday)
This is where my journal begins to fail me. xD
We went to the Koffman house, Fallingwater, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, that day! Here, I will grace you with a photograph of the house, taken by moi.
Yup... Lovely picture there... Beautiful house. I swear there was something else we did that day, but I just can't remember!!!
I remember.
There was a natural water slide. Really cool, but I'm not putting up anymore pictures. It's where the rocks were eroded after thousands of years of the river flowing over them, creating the best place to slide down. It's actually really rough, though. I kept getting bashed against rocks. =.= So on my second time down, Angel and I got out after the second part. (There are two parts, after the first you have to scoot your butt down a bit to get to the second.) We sat there for a moment before we realized that we were on the other side of the powerful, rushing water. Somehow, Angel made it across, but then she slipped. She started falling down the rushing stream, yelling for my help. I held out my hand and screamed, "GRAB MY HAND!!!" I'm sure we looked so ridiculous to any onlookers, but to the both of us, it was incredibly dramatic. I could hear the pounding music in my head and everything!
I was able to pull Angel up, buuuut... I slipped down. She reached for my hand, and I stretched my arm out to take it, but no! The river had other plans. I screamed for her, but I felt myself slipping, slowly but surely, and I soon found myself amongst the rushing water once again, screaming "NOOO!!!" (and some swear words) at the top of my lungs, before I was pulled under the hungry hydraulics, and sucked to the end of the very painful natural water slide!!!

Day Five: Waterfall (Wednesday)
Our last full day!
We had nothing planned for this day.
Ange and I wanted to go rock-hopping (there are some really big glacier rocks in the river there!). Instead... We found this beautiful hidden-away rock beach! There was a small waterfall that Angel and I sat on (pictures!), rocks to climb on, rapids about 200 metres away, and the best sun-bathing rocks. =D Words cannot explain it.

Okay, so nothing out of the ordinary happened on Day Six, Departure Day. Except for the fact that we, y'know, departed. We talked to guitar-guy (whose name is Calvin), but we never got any contact information, so I fear we will never speak to him again. A shame, he was a very interesting character.

I feel like I should have a better conclusion, but I'm frekking tired. G'night, my dear readers! And thanks for sticking with me throughout that long, endearing post! I'll have something new up by tomorrow, I hope.

g h o s t i e

PS. I didn't use 'endearing' correctly, did I? Oh, dear, now I've drawn your attention to that fact, when you may have never noticed it in the first place. I'm just too tired. Why am I even bothering with words? *falls asleep on keyboard*


Muse of Randomness said...

Frank Lloyd Wright? My best friend Ali did a report on him once... Most of what I remember is that he had a cult-like following. That is a certainly striking house, though, I like.

Birdiebirdiebiiiirdie! That poor thing must have been so confused.

Dramatic music = Jaws theme. I was totally gonna eat you guys. :<

Ghostie said...

Yeah, Frank Lloyd Wright is an artist! :D I really love his houses. I heard that there's a few around where I live, I reaaally want to visit them. ^.^

Yeah, poor birdie. :( He played dead for a moment, though, before Angel sat him down on the ground and he took off.

Muse! D: Why would you try to eat us?!

???? said...

oh my gosh, like from the petra and calder books~ uh wright 3 maybe? yeah thats it! i rly want to see the roby house, i guess its in chicago~ im so jealous of your vacation, it sounds incredible!! i want to see more pics tho!!!!!!

Ghostie said...

Yesss, just like those books! Those are what turned me on to Frank Lloyd Wright... I want to read the one about the Robie House again...! I DEFINITELY want to see the Robie House, and yeah, it's in Chicago, but I never go down there. v.v