Wednesday, 23 June 2010

She Who Needs to Write More

My computer has a virus on it. :/
I'm not positive on how, but now porno sites pop up and my PC won't let me install the new antivirus program, saying EVERY SINGLE FREAKING FILE is infected. =.=

<--Seeing that picture makes me want to make a bunch of origami stars. ...I'm going to make a bunch of origami stars. XD
Okay, I did it! Yeah, I just stopped writing then and there, looked up a tutorial, and pulled out some paper. XD It's SO MUCH FUN!
It took me about 3 tries, but I'm finally getting the hang of it! I'm going to make SO MANY and hang them up in my room!
They are sooo cute...

Okay, I'm sorry!
I haven't posted recently mostly because of my computer (Poor, poor Tamaki...). I have had things going on, though!

On Saturday I went to see a musical with Ian, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. It was hilarious, and also, quite meaningful (the last song before the epilogue, for me). There was only a cast of four actors, it was cool.
Then we went over to his house and hung out with his family. They were having a bonfire. I got to play with his dad's girlfriend's three-year-old daughter. She was sooo cute! Kept putting a blanket and pillow in my lap and using me (and at one point, both me and Ian) as a piece of furniture. XD I was told that after a little more time, that cuteness would definitely turn into annoying, though. (laugh)

This morning I was going to get up at my usual 8:30 or 9, but when my alarm went off, a storm was brewing. Just a small one, but there was thunder (and soon, rain). So I stayed in bed. I curled up under my puffy orange comforter, huggled my teddy bear, and fell back asleep listening to the thunder and rain. It was wonderful. And I was soo tired. I eventually pulled myself out of bed at 11 (my alarm went off at 10:30 but I didn't even hear it xD). Didn't matter to me, I didn't have any reason to wake up early, anyway. I loved waking up early during spring break, but that was because I went on adventures with Plusie and Kara before the town was awake. We don't do that anymore.
(Pssst! Guys! We need to do more chalk!) Better go do the dishes.

g h o s t i e


Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Courtney, you really shouldn't be looking up porn, it's bad for you.

zooom said...

yeah really, im dissapointed in you... and im jealous of your stars! mine dont look that puffy, one side ends up puffyish and the other is flatish. what am i doing wrong???????

Ghostie said...

Oh, it takes a lot of practice. My first 25 or so looked like crap, but eventually you should get the hang of it. Remember to make them as tight as possibly, the smaller the paper is the better, and coloured paper is better than the thick construction paper (construction paper is a lot harder to push in). I still get flatish stars sometimes, and usually I just have to flatten it back and stick something like a letter opener in the side that didn't puff to make it go out. Hope this helps! :)

findingMuse. said...

Lol... Poor computer. What did you do to it!? xD

I've tried origami before. Failed. But those are quite adorable.

Awwwww, that's so cuuute. In a good way. Cuteness doesn't really turn annoying until a while... If at all. I'm just not good with children. T.T

Ghostie said...

I have no idea what happened! D: I suspect someone else got on it. -.- Also... It was unprotected for about two weeks. xD

I know! I told Ian how adoorable she was, and he just replied with, "No, Courtney. No." XD She really was freaking cute, though, pretending to sleep in my lap! (And dragging me around the backyard until Ian threatened to throw her in the nonexistant 'hole'. That meaner.)